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Archive: 2011
  • Light and Christmas, different forms of expression

    During the Christmas period there are many events in which light is protagonist. In Cesenatico from the first Sunday of December till the Epiphany, the boats of the floating section of the Marine Museum become the stage of the Marine Crib. The crib was born in 1986 and is the work of the artists Tinin [...]
  • Arch. Alberto Apostoli, Wellness Hotel Floor, light and wellness

    A GARDA LAKE HOTEL WITH AYURVEDIC STYLE In Brenzone, on the Venetian side of Lake Garda, the Consolini Group decided to give the Belfiore Park Hotel a decidedly ayurvedic dimension by opening a new wellness centre spread along an entire floor of the hotel and named the Dhara Wellness. The project aimed to create a [...]
  • Workshop – Lighting Design for cultural heritage, LED and new technologies

    Workshop – Lighting Design for cultural heritage, LED and new technologies – 3rd edition Permanent Training Course of Politecnico di Milano – Indaco dept. – Design School Course period: 11-27 January 2012 Laboratorio LUCE – Via Durando 10, Milan Direction: prof. Maurizio Rossi, Politecnico di Milano The course, realized thanks to the contribution of PERFORMANCE [...]
  • Academy of Light, programming techniques

    The Academy of Light, in collaboration with Teatri e Umanesimo latino S.p.A. and ETC Italia organize 2 study days (FREE), a full immersion about the programming techniques on the SmartFade ML console Teatro Comunale of Treviso December 21-22 Plan: console potential patch Creation of new machines menu Console programming SmartSoft program Practical exercises Intelligent consoles, [...]
  • Light Song

    2766 children; 1916 drawings, of which 250 turned into lights. A choir of about 1000 pupils. Then: 169 people, teachers, scout, catechists, 11 people in charge of public schools. Finally: 12 associations and parishes, a working group of 50 volunteers. These numbers show the quality of the Via Lucis project. Thanks to this symptom-free carrier [...]
  • Classe dell’Arte and Impronta Digitale 1.0 – art and technology

    Classe dell’Arte and Impronta Digitale 1.0 by Paolo and Nicola Fenu Mittempergher art and technology “Classe dell’Arte” constitutes a series of events whose purpose is to try to give answers, or at least suggestions, about concepts concerning the world of art, that are also closely correlated to cultural politics, economy or social relations. All this [...]
  • Alessandro Lupi. Perception

    This autumn at Palazzo Ducale in Genova the exhibition “Perception” of Alessandro Lupi, an artist inspired by light, fundamental elemento of his work, together with sound and space. The center of Alessandro Lupi’s research lies on light, developing in installations, photography, video art and new media in which color, light and space fuse their selves [...]