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  • Interview to Oliviero Toscani – second section

    light is like taste, it must be neither too much nor too little, it should be just like salt, sugar, like all the important ingredients
  • Interview to Mr Oliviero Toscani

    Luceonline: from an etymological point of view, to photograph means writing with light and so a correct lighting can highlight an important detail or mask a fault, can add or remove emphasis. Oliviero Toscani: the definition is apt because to photograph means selecting something from what is possible to see also using all the different opportunities that light allows, light gives the possibility to express your point of view.
  • The exhibition in Gagliano del Capo: “Lightings”

    Contemporary Puglia: Pratesi is the curator of the 2nd edition of "Artists at the Palace: Illuminations."
  • Luceonline wishes you happy holidays

    The editing staff of Luceonline makes a summer break. The publications will start again at the end of August with an interview to Oliviero Toscani
  • 10th Anniversary – a new light for the vortal

    (Italiano) The cultural portal, is celebrating the tenth anniversary of its web presence, with many changes both in graphics and content, with new issues.
  • Accademia della Luce – – Cinema Teatro dell’Opera – Workshop

    (Italiano) Introduction and development of issues about Light design for the show, in particular theater and live shows
  • Batimat – International Building Exhibition

    Batimat 2011 Energy efficiency, Accessibility of buildings: The 2 major themes of BATIMAT 2011 By shining the spotlight on innovations and trends, BATIMAT 2011 is a springboard for exhibiting manufacturers that allows them to unveil their innovations in response to the challenges posed by new regulations governing energy efficiency and accessibility for all. These two [...]