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  • B r i g h t p i e s a t P a l a c e

    (Italiano) torte
  • Best Wishes for a Merry Christmas and a bright New Year

    Luceonline wishes you all a joyful Christmas and a peaceful New Year. See you again in 2013
  • Phôs graphè

    Phos graphe is a work that comes from a reflection on the concepts of light and private space. In fact, light pollution, more and more a problem of our contemporary world, deprives us of the natural darkness of the night. The title takes the two Greek words from which we derive the word photography: phôs [...]
  • Energy Saving in Lighting 2013

    Course: Energy Saving in Lighting 2013 Date: 30th January 2013 Permanent Training Course of del Laboratorio LUCE – Politecnico di Milano The 8 hours course, scheduled for Wednesday 30 January and realized with the contribution of Philips and in collaboration with the ENEA, Hera, Green Building Council Italyand patronized by AIDI (Italian Lighting Association). The [...]
  • A new light for the church Maria SS. Immacolata

    (Italiano) chiesa
  • Rome tree-lighting highlights hunger in Haiti

    Rome tree-lighting highlights hunger in Haiti A tree-lighting ceremony on Rome’s famed Spanish Steps on 6 December highlighted WFP programmes to provide meals to children in Haiti. The ‘Light for Freedom’ (Luce per la Liberta’) initiative, organised in collaboration with the Belize embassy in Rome and Italian power company Edison, has a Facebook page through [...]
  • Course “Light art and Design of light”. School of Design

    Martinelli captured the shadows of visitors after a flash of light had blown them through the mesh of a net leaning against the wall… Pierre Restany COURSE: LIGHT ART and DESIGN OF LIGHT-aa-2012-2013 TEACHER: arch. Gisella Gellini ASSISTANT: arch. Monica Moro SCHOOL OF DESIGN – MILAN POLYTECHNIC-BOVISA-ITALY Introduction and aims of the Course: The course [...]