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  • The Secret Garden

    The Secret Garden – works of art from the last fifty years in private collections, Bari. This oustanding exhibition in the Bona Sforza hall located within the Swabian Castle of Bari. Most appropriately entitled the ‘Secret Garden’, the exhibition will showcase outstanding art pieces collected by private individual from Bari, Italy, over the last fifty [...]
  • Art Stage of lighting

    Stage Art of Lighting (technical and artistic use of light in the show) A workshop open to engineers, designers, directors, actors and to all the theatre lovers. Teatro Julio Cortazar Pontelagoscuro FERRARA On February 08/09/10 2013 Information and program: 329-2209851 Franco Campioni Painting the stage with a game of lights … Sculpting an object [...]

    THE NUMBER 6 THE ARTISTIC PROJECT Art is in the foreground of the restoration plan for Palazzo Valperga Galleani. Indeed, it’s an integral part of the entire recovery project. The design and creation of a specific body of artistic works for the building – which could also surprise and give pleasure to curious passersby – [...]
  • LAB_Oratorium&ExhibitionLIGHTING_Days

    LAB_Oratorium&ExhibitionLIGHTING_Days 17.01.2013 I 20.02.2013 Ela Franscella aka Elfa nel Sacral and Mya Lurgo Artistic research workshop open to the public on Thursdays, from 3.00 to 9.00 p.m.. 21.02.2013 I 21.03.2013 Mya Lurgo Gallery inaugurates LIGHTING_Days Twin solo exhibition of Ela Franscella aka Elfa nel Sacral and Mya Lurgo Opening hours: Tuesday to Friday, from 3.00 [...]
  • Two initiatives for Theater and Stage Lighting

    Laboratorio LUCE – Politecnico di Milano In In February 2013, two initiatives for Theater and Stage Lighting organized by Lab. Luce of the Politecnico di Milano: a Review day and a High training course which include among their teachers Nando Frigerio, Danilo La Rosa, Renato Ferrari, Salvatore Mancinelli, Nicolò Oliva, Massimo Piccinini, Giovanni Pinna, Maurizio [...]
  • Voyage, a journey into imagination

    Voyage, a journey into imagination – Interactive Installation at Canary Wharf “…When night comes I bury my face in my arms and dream that my paper boats float on and on under the midnight stars. The fairies of sleep are sailing in them, and the lading is their baskets full of dreams.” (R. Tagore) 300 [...]
  • Happy new year…with the first light