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  • A warm Christmas and a luminous new year

  • Nativity and light

    THE NATIVITY THAT DOESN’T COME SQUARE by Richi Ferrero 2014 The image of Nativity from Middle Ages to Contemporary Art. 29 novembre 2014 – 25 gennaio 2015 Torino Palazzo Madama Legno, Pvc e led Wood, Pvc and led 130cm x 130cm, h. 145cm The piece of art highlights the inconsistency between the human reality and [...]
  • Lighting design for the show- SHOW – 9a

    In February 2015, two initiatives for Theater and Stage Lighting organized by Lab. Luce of Politecnico di Milano: a Review day and a High training course which include among their teachers Nando Frigerio, Renato Ferrari, Salvatore Mancinelli, Nicolò Oliva, Giovanni Pinna, Maurizio Rossi, and Marco Zucchinali. Both initiatives are realized with the contribution of Clay [...]
  • Light Art Ensemble 2014

    Light Art Ensemble 12 – 13 – 14 December, 2014 Light Art Artists and Curators Meet at former San Carporofo Church in Milan The event, curated by Gisella Gellini and Domenico Nicolamarino, will pay homage to Marinellia Pirelli, a Light’s artist Light Art as feature that interacts with architecture and urban landscape, for creating new [...]
  • Luceonline in Brussels

    Luceonline in Brussels One of the most important European capitals: de facto the capital of the European Union. Many beautiful places where light plays an important role. The Grand Place is a UNESCO world heritage place, it is considered one of the most beautiful squares in the world, great writers like Victor Hugo, Baudelaire and [...]
  • Intensive Workshop – Terni

    24-25-26 November 2014 Theatre Secci – Terni Intensive Workshop for the lighting of a theatrical performance ” L’attico ai parioli ” Directed by : Renzo Segoloni Lighting Designer : Alberto Roccheggiani Teachers: Alberto Roccheggiani and Maurizio Gianandrea The show Relations with the lighting designer and production Light fixtures Dimmers Installation techniques and lighting Safety Rules [...]
  • Lighting Innovation 2014 – 11th edition

    LIGHTING INNOVATION 2014 – 11th edition New Light Vision: new technologies in an aging world Friday 21 November 2014 – 09.00 Laboratorio LUCE, Design department, Politecnico di Milano – consortium F.lli Castiglioni Lecture Hall B9 building – Via Durando, 10 Milan (Italy) Laboratorio LUCE, Design dept. of Politecnico di Milano and the consortium [...]