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8/12 2012

A new light for the church Maria SS. Immacolata

A new light for the Church SS. Maria Immacolata Conception

Built between 1891 and 1930, in Puglia, in San Giorgio Jonico; a church with a neoclassical style, characterized by three aisles and a semicircular apse.
The priest Don Giancarlo Ruggieri has wanted the lighting design of the interior of the church, realized by the Arch. Grazia Palazzo, performing a range of decorative and non-technical choices.
We wanted to highlight the nature of light, not the fixture, says the architect.

Only led lamps have been applied with tight and wide beams ,it depends on the needs of the areas to be lighted, the former infact can be directed precisely on an area to create a particular effect.
The altar, the lambone, the tabernacle have been lighted with narrow beams, while in the central and side aisles wide beams have been adopted.
The choice has been that of exalting the colour of the church, especially the white colour, with a special attention for the gold details of the paintings. The wooden ceiling is decorated in gold foil. Also in this case the light points have been chosen to make it visible in the upper parts of the walls.
Lighting fittings: Ivela
Led light sources: Philips.

The entire lighting management is of the By-me home automation system, by Vimar, technically managed by Francesco Giacobin. The system allows a total control from a PC, smartphone and tablet via a web server, with a video touch of 10 inches, which controls the entire plant with a series of selected scenarios.



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