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6/09 2008


“Borrowing You”, a new installation by the artist Arthur Duff, will open on September, 4th in Castelfranco Veneto. It is the first project in a series created by the non-profit cultural organization STARTUP which is aimed at promoting and entering into dialogue with the urban context and public realm through contemporary art.

The work’s main aim is to stimulate a shift in perception by engaging the citizens and passersby alike through a powerful green laser projector which will be placed on the top of the east facing central clock tower. At dusk, it will project a continuum of words down onto the entire inner city. The words will be projected in a continuous flow following a random path onto rooftops, sides of buildings, churches, roads, people or anything else that happens to be within the laser’s beam.

The words will be gathered through a process of appropriation where the citizens of Castelfranco will become the main source of material. This will be done by surreptitiously gathering words spoken by the inhabitants of Castelfranco while they chat, talk on the phone, order meat at the butchers, wait for a bus, argue while eating lunch, etc. Once transcribed, the invisible and transient spoken words will be transformed into the visible, but still transient form of light. The words borrowed will be given back under the form of photons.

Once the spoken word is deciphered and transcribed it loses all hierarchic reference; the sense of self and the other blend into each other with an intentional and destabilizing shift. Words will become borrowed objects, and like borrowed objects or objects taken out of their original context their meaning will change. The artist will not be able to foresee where and onto what the laser will direct its beam. This implies that there may or may not be a logical structure to a series of words that are projected, and if there is a logical structure it will be completely fortuitous. What is important though, is that the neology projects onto its source. This will create a cycle which begins “within the city” finishing “on the city”, having gone through a process of digestion and assimilation.

“Borrowing You” is a project included in the activities of development of contemporary art that Region Veneto supports through art. 45 of L.R. 1/2004 and is made possible with the participation of: the Municipality of Castelfranco Veneto, C4 Contemporary Culture Center, Caldogno.

SAVE THE DATE: Press preview and opening, 4 September, 18.00 h., Casa del Giorgione, Castelfranco Veneto (TV).

The catalogue will contain a text by italian writer Marco Mancassola.

Biographical information

Arthur Duff (Wiesbaden, 1973). Among the recent shows: “La Parola Nell’Arte”, MART Museo di Arte Moderna e Contemporanea di Trento e Rovereto, XIV Quadriennale, Galleria Nazionale D’Arte Moderna, Roma, “Il Palazzo delle Libertà”, Palazzo delle Papesse-Centro Arte Contemporanea, Siena. Collaborates with the educational project of C4 Contemporary Culture Center, Caldogno.

Press inquiries:

Carlo Simula
+39 347 7973217



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