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6/12 2011

Light Song

2766 children; 1916 drawings, of which 250 turned into lights. A choir of about 1000 pupils.
Then: 169 people, teachers, scout, catechists, 11 people in charge of public schools. Finally: 12 associations and parishes, a working group of 50 volunteers.

These numbers show the quality of the Via Lucis project. Thanks to this symptom-free carrier of creativity, Modica, that is the natural theater of the Baroque style, UNESCO world heritage site and birthplace of chocolate, during the Christmas period, it will become a living poem, a place blessed by the moon, immersed in the silence and caressed by the tolling of bells, exalted by the verses of Quasimodo and illuminated by the lights created by the pupils.

From december the 10th to january the 6th 2012, Modica will be decorated by unique, creative lights connected to the local identity, because they have been created by the school children of the city, after a path about the Christmad meaning and value traditions.

The idea is part of the project “Nel solco della tradizione”, by the local administration of Modica (Culture Department) and managed by the associations, by the network of educational agencies who share the aim of communicating the meaning of the cultural roots to the future generations.

This is the project of Christmas, Via Lucis, proposed and designed by the architect Filippo Cannata, a member of the Academy of Light, one of the most important Italian architects of light.
“Children are the only ones who can express a real creativity, because the adults ” says Cannata “are prisoners of thousands of conditionings”.

1900 drawings have been realized, 250 have been transformed into lights, thanks to the work of the older kids ( Liceo Artistico), parents, craftsmen and teachers available in laboratories. All the art works of the children will be projected on the facades of the city palaces on the night of December the 10th. That day, thanks to the full moon, Modica will dress up of moon and silence, Corso Umberto will be turn off and traffic will be stopped.

For a few hours Modica will give the proof that it is possible another kind of Christmas, without consumption lights, the only sounds, the breath and the steps of people.
The bells will sing their song (CHO-Q-LIGHT: a study for 9 bell towers, written by Luisa Boffa) and then on the steps of the Chiesa Madre di San Pietro, the choir of traditional carols of one thousand of children.

Apart from this spectacular event, from December the 7th Modica will be a bouquet of events, inspired by the central figure of Salvatore Quasimodo.
For the anniversary of his birth, there will be many other events, an homage of Dario Fo, the permanent exhibition of the Archivio storico culturale, a jazz concert of Stefano Bollani and his portrait painted by Piero Guccione.
All this to commemorate those “sentieri velati d’un tratto di eterno”, soul paths and paths of an enlightened mind.

So … now … Sssshhhhh, please silence. Also in your chest. Close your eyes. Imagine to be in Modica … A dream come true, if we dream the same thing …



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