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29/04 2016

Caravaggio Experience, a original installation to explore Caravaggio’s artistic career

Caravaggio Experience, a powerful and totally original video installation, adopts a contemporary approach to the work of art to explore Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio’s artistic career. The use of a sophisticated multi-projection system on a massive scale, combined with an original musical score and permeated with fragrances, takes visitors on a unique sensoral journey based on total immersion in the art of this 17th century master.

The aim is to allow visitors to observe and explore Caravaggio’s work in true depth through a flow of emotions triggered by pure sensorial enjoyment, thus helping to draw a broader audience of experts and non-experts alike to appreciate his work in an absolutely novel fashion.

The exhibition showcase 57 of the artist’s masterpieces reproduced with projectors in 50 minute run, the combination of such powerful transmission and reflection technologies ensuring that the project is one of its kind, a milestone in the panorama of immersive video-installations developed to date.

Immersive Art uses digital technologies, video, music, sound and also fragrance in this case to immerse and involve the viewer in a complete emotional experience. One of the hallmarks of Caravaggio’s art is in any case his constant striving to break down the barrier between painted and real space so as to secure the viewer’s utmost involvement. Accordingly, the immersive video installation presented thus seeks to bridge the gap between painting and public by transporting the viewer literally inside the space created by the artist. In order to accentuate the immersive quality of the experience, use is made of graphic and cinematographic animation techniques that invite the public to take an emotive plunge into pure vision.

The entire installation explores the major themes of Caravaggio’s artistic output, ranging from light and naturalism to violence and to his theatrical settings, and ending with an “ideal” journey to the places associated with him, tracking the major phases of his life in chronological sequence.

Caravaggio revolutionized the use of light in painting by inventing a completely new compositional, structural and symbolic function for it. Light is the element that reveals reality, bringing it to life before our eyes. It is this quest that led the young Caravaggio to paint the Calling of St Matthew. A revolutionary work in terms of compositional style and meaning. A new way of perceiving space emotively: the earthly gesture of Christ and the divine light streaming from behind him. All the figures seated at the table are illuminated but Matthew alone perceives the glow and knows that he has been called. He points to himself to indicate his awareness that the light of God is shining on him. Caravaggio’s light reveal his figures, causing to emerge from the darkness and shadow that is their destiny. Divine light and earthly light at the same time. While his style evolved in form and colour over the years, light as revelation remained the key compositional constant.

Caravaggio Experience is a sweeping cultural project designed for a broader layman. The emotional charge sparked by the sparked by the spectacular nature of the large scale adopted and the riveting musical score in matched by a specifically didactic intent where the use of the third dimension and of graphic solutions gradually lead visitors through the artist’s creative processes.




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