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7/05 2016

Carlo Bernardini Invisible dimensions

Milan Malpensa Airport

18 May to 18 October 2016

At “La Porta di Milano”, the environmental installation of light that transforms the space, changing the perceptive coordinates of the viewer.

Milan, May 2016 - SEA presents from May 18 to October 18, 2016, at the airport of Milan Malpensa, Invisible Dimensions, the work of Carlo Bernardini, an artist who, since the nineties, has been conducting experimental research based on the element light-space, creating installations of fiber optic and sculptures.

The initiative, curated by Marco Meneguzzo, confirms the will of SEA to make Milan Malpensa unique, among airports around the world, as it already hosted numerous  exhibitions dedicated to great Italian masters, such as Fausto Melotti, Marino Marini, Gio Ponti, Giuseppe Pellizza Volpedo.

For La Porta di Milano, an ideal environment for the alternation of light and shadow, Carlo Bernardini created a work composed of strands of optical fibers that draw three bright geometric figures, which seem to move and change their form and contour, constantly giving the impression of being in front of  different installations and leading the visitor into a constellation or one interstellar space.

The Invisible Dimensions, in experimental space, are guessed beyond their visible size, as they are  not perceptible to the human eye and therefore considered undetectable. Bernardini’s work may be an attempt to see exactly this, namely the projection of the space beyond the visible size.

Architect of light, Carlo Bernardini bases his visual research on the concept of perceptive transformation, where the  light creates a design in the space, that changes according to the viewer’s movement within that space itself.

“We live in an era of progressive and fast dematerialization of all – says Marco Meneguzzo – and at the same time we are witnessing the growth of virtual spaces, which are becoming familiar to us, even if not necessarily visible”.

“Carlo Bernardini – continues Marco Meneguzzo – has known this for a long time, and his intent is to use the traditionally more intangible item, the light, not only to build, but to better “show” spaces that otherwise would neither be visible, nor would they even exist without  the intervention of light.

“The shape of the space redesigned by optical fiber – reminds Carlo Bernardini – can intuitively be perceived as a reading of the space through new visual coordinates, dictated by light structures that shape the environment, leaving us to guess exactly those that may be the ‘extra’ dimensions that escape our perception”.

Carlo Bernardini. Biography

Carlo Bernardini was born in Viterbo in 1966; he lives and works in Milan. Bernardini started out his career in the early 90s with an abstract painting that concentrated on the dialectical relationship between line and monochrome, diversified moments of representative conception of space-light; then, since 1996 he has been planning and working on big optical fibre installations, stainless steel and optical fibre sculptures-installations, OLF (Optical lighting film) surfaces and electro-luminescent surfaces that the viewers perceive in a different way and in a different form, depending on where their position in the space is. He is a three time winner of the Overseas Grantee award of the Pollock Krasner Foundation in New York receiving grants in 2000, 2005 and in 2010, and in 2002 wins the Targetti Art Light Collection White Sculpture award. He begins in the early ’90s, and in 1996 he was invited to the Exhibition Palace in Rome for the XII Quadrennial. In 2002 he was invited to the Milan Triennale and to the Sculpture Space, Utica (NY), and in the following year to the XIV Quadrennial the Royal Palace in Naples. Among his most important international exhibitions it is worth mentioning the great exhibition in 2004 at Museo Paço Imperial in Rio De Janeiro and in 2007 the presentation of the installation Event Horizon at the Swing Space in New York. In 2008 he presents at the Bruna Soletti Gallery La Quarta Direzione dello Spazio, a visual experimental hypothesis where inside of the optical fibre installation, interactive videos of abstract light in movement are activated in the passageway of the viewers aiming at the creation of simultaneous overlapping of dynamic perception over the static one. The project Light Waves is realized in 2008, a permanently installed artwork at the entrance to the Brindisi airport. In the same year he also presents a gigantic environmental installation in the Umbracle of the Ciudad De Las Artes y de Las Ciencias in Valencia, placing his light geometries inside a dialogue with the renowned architectural work of Santiago Calatrava. In 2009 at Bologna Art First he presented Codice Spaziale in Piazza S. Stephen and was invited to New York for the D.U.M.B.O Art Festival as well to varius museums of Lombardia region with the project Twister for MAM – Modern and Contemporary Art Museum of Gazoldo Ippoliti (MN) at the GAM Galleria Arte Moderna Gallarate, and in Palazzo Litta, Milan with a great project The Light that generates space. In 2010 Bernardini is invited to the XIII edizione of “Luci d’Artista” (Artist’s Lights), in Turin, to the exhibition Corpo, automi, robot tra arte, scienza e tecnologia at the Museo d’arte in Lugano, and to the NIMk – Netherlands Media Art Institute, Sonic Acts, The poetics of space, in Amsterdam. The same year he finalizes a great installation Crystallization Suspended, to the Artlight Domaquarèe, Redefining Centre, CityQuartier DomAquarée, in Berlin, Space interrelations, to the Theater a/h Spui, Spuiplein, Todaysart, in The Hague – L’Aia, and he was invited to exhibit in the renowed Arnaldo Pomodoro Foundation in Milan, with Field of organic light for the exhibion Italia Sculpture of XXI Century. From 2011 Bernardini have a solo exhibition at Delloro Contemporary Art in Berlin and participating in The Arc Show at the Business Design Centre, London, as well as in the Kinetica Art Fair at Ambika P3 at the University of Westminster. In the same year he has made the installation Drawing of the Vacuum, at the Bocconi Art Gallery of Milan, Vacuum an environmental installation at the Delloro Arte Contemporanea in Berlin, the project Light beyond the matter, to the Basilica S.Maria di Montesanto in Rome, and Matter is the Vacuum, a great environmental installation inside the “Red Zone” in Sixteenth-Century Castle of L’Aquila. In Rome he completes at MACRO – Museum of Contemporary Art in Rome a great installation The Corner’s Revenge. In 2012 Bernardini is invited to the FAD festival de arte digital, to the Funarte fundação de arte in Belo Horizonte, to the Meet in town, Auditorium Parco della Musica in Rome, and to the Claim, Lützowstraße 70 in Berlin. In 2013 Bernardini is invited in London to the House Peroni with the installation Infinity, in Metz at the “Nuit Blanche” with the project Submerged Breath on the water of the Moselle Canalisée river, in Digital Life with the project Vacuum Suspended, to the MACRO Testaccio in Rome, and in Catanzaro to the historical exhibition Artisti nello Spazio, gli ambienti da Lucio Fontana ad oggi, to the Complesso Monumentale del San Giovanni.  In this year at Prato he presented Light Walk, a great installation in collaboration with Museo Pecci, between the door of the Emperor’s Castel and the medieval Cassero, a path between the interior and the exterior through the light on the Castle recreates the ideal conjunction with the part of the formwork now missing. The same year he finalizes a installation at the 4th edition of “The End of the World Biennial” in Mar del Plata, and at the 17th edition of the Islamic Arts Festival in Sharjah to the Sharjah Art Museum. In 2015 Bernardini is invited in Curitiba to the Bienal de Curitiba at Museu Oscar Niemeyer, with the project Invisible Dimensions, and in Pop Austin 2015 in Austin (TX), and in Bratislava for Sculpture and Object XX, with a site-specific installation to Milan Dobeš Museum.


Milan Malpensa Airport, Porta di Milano (Terminal 1)

18 May to 18 October 2016

Hours: from 8.00 to 22.00

Free admission

Informations: tel. 02 232323



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