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24/10 2011

The Festival of Lights – Berlin

The Festival of Lights has been realized, it is one of the largest illumination festivals in the world. Every year for twelve days in October, Berlin’s world-famous landmarks and monuments are dressed in spectacular light. German and international artists and lighting designers present extraordinary illuminations, light art and creative designs. The festival is accompanied by numerous cultural events, all exploring the theme “Light”. The festival is an admission-free, top artistic event for an audience of millions. It generates massive media interest worldwide, and as a result, promises real sustainability.

The festival is organized by Zander & Partner Event-Marketing GmbH, with Director Birgit Zander as the driving force behind it. In cooperation with the “City Stiftung Berlin” and lighting designer Andreas Boehlke, she was already laying the foundation for this successful public event back in 2005. Numerous celebrities, businesses, institutions and artists are committed to the continual development of the festival. It is only through the involvement of all these people that it is possible to transform the entire city into a huge exhibition space with international appeal.
Already for the second time, the “Quartier Potsdamer Platz” will be the official festival center of the Festival of Lights.
With more than 20 impressive illuminations at overall 19 buildings, ten streets and two squares, the Festival of Lights 2010 invited its visitors to discover, astonish and dream. Once again this October, innovative and impressive light concepts illuminate the architetctural masterworks of the Potsdamer Platz and fascinate all visitors.

During the 12-day public event, the festival info point in the “Potsdamer Platz Arkaden” is the central information point for residents and visitors alike. Visitors of the Festival of Lights inform about all events, illuminations and other activities, all exploring the theme “Light”. Also, numerous LightSeeing Tours.
The “Quartier Potsdamer Platz”
The Potsdamer Platz in the heart of Berlin is a daily attraction for thousands of visitors. More than 480 national and international companies have located their business at the quarter and provide jobs for approximately 10,000 people.

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