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25/01 2018

Festival F-Light – Florence Light Festival

After the great success of the past editions, Florence illuminated itself with

“F-Light”: for a month the Florence Light Festival will bathe the monuments and squares of the city with a new light.  

Our reportage starts to the video-mapping on Ponte Vecchio, that will become the canvas on which – with the patronage of the UNHCR – the city of Florence intends to produce a reflection on the theme of migration: beyond the shouted slogans and the simplifications, the aim is to focus attention on the global crisis of refugees, in particular on the major emergencies and the impact they have on the host countries, which are mainly in Africa and in the Middle East. The project is realised by IED, Istituto Europeo di Design.

The Tower of Arnolfo will be illuminated by the 17 global objectives of the UN for sustainable development, that countries throughout the world are committed to pursuing. In this case the frontier is a horizon: the year 2030, year by which the objectives should be achieved. Putting an end to poverty and hunger, stopping global warming, reducing the human pressure on nature, ensuring prosperity and peace: it is with light that Florence will urge everyone to commit themselves toward a brighter future. The initiative is promoted by Terna in collaboration with Global Compact Network Italia.

On the façade of the Augustinian Basilica of Santo Spirito “Dimora Luminosa” returns, the dwelling place of light, with the projection of the works of the participants in the open the call launched by IED on the theme of “frontiers”, which was answered by 15 Florentine realities from among schools, kindergartens, associations and centres for the elderly, producing over 200 designs: the youngest artist is 8 months old, the oldest 100 years. The project is curated by IED in collaboration with The Fake Factory.

Among the places involved in F-Light will also be  Palazzo Medici Riccardi, with an installation in the Courtyard of Michelozzo: “Limen” for the ancient Romans is the threshold, the beginning, the principle. Seven lights that cast a beam of light illuminate the mirrors on the floor, creating a game of reflections. Thanks to special sensors, the visitor, passing through the threshold of the light, becomes the protagonist of the installation, interacting with the movement of the light beams. The project is curated by Olo Creative Farm, in collaboration with the Municipality of Florence

Also curated by Olo Creative Farm will be the special lighting which will clothe the Tower of San Niccolò.

Three artists will intervene on the vaults of the Loggia del Mercato Nuovo, the “loggia del Porcellino”: an investigation of multiple voices on the metamorphosis of light, different techniques of “entrapment” that capture the light and orient it, turning it into “form”. A multi-installation with works by Yannis Kraniditios, RaumZeitPiraten and Jose Angelino.

The Basilica of San Lorenzo will be the canvas on which a fantastic tale will be projected: a silent tale, where past and present co-exist. Protagonists are giant whales and airships, in an idealised and faraway North. And then birds, animals, insects, buildings, landscapes, tracks, a metaphysical flow of giants suspended in the seas and in the skies. Curated by MBVision with Animation Lights Project and ISIA.

Always in the San Lorenzo district, the Central Market will be decked out in a special light installation on the façade, as well as with a “canopy” of lights inside the market. Strong, dramatic and elegant lighting, as always, will also involve La Rinascente in Piazza della Repubblica.

As tradition has it, F-Light will also be the occasion to offer new permanent lighting at one of the monuments of the city: Silfi spa, after having given a new lighting system to the Loggia del Pesce and the Basilica of Santa Croce, this year, during the Festival, will inaugurate the new lights of the Church of Sant’Ambrogio and of the loggio of the Market of Sant’Ambrogio.

This year’s Festival continues the tradition of the route that enhances the Towers and Gates of the city: involved in special illuminations are Porta al Prato and Porta XYZ.


Riccardo Comper

Wilma Arcaini



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