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14/08 2012

Finlandia Hall

Finlandia Hall is a concert hall, designed by Alvar Aalto, it has a congress wing in Helsinky. The work was completed in 1971, after 4 years.

Alvar Aalto was commissioned by the city of Helsinki to create the design of the concert and congress building, the first constructed part of a great central city plan, with a series of cultural buildings aligned along the Töölönlahti bay.
The earliest sketches gave a general outline of the final design. The plan for the congress wing was drawn in 1970 and it was constructed between 1973-75. With the completion of the first stage of this large project, Aalto thought he had triumphed.

One of the main feature, together with the auditorium, is the ‘Venetian’ staircase leading from the ground-floor foyer to both the main auditorium and chamber music hall.
The Carrara marble is another important element of the building, from the external wall to the interior, together with hardwoods and ceramic. There are also copper roofs, become green and teak window frames.

From the lighting engineering point of view, it is possible to say that many light fittings are designed by the maestro himself.
His original vision was constituted only by incandescent light bulbs, they should be the unique source of artificial light.
The incandescent light bulbs created many problems, the heat and dust left black marks on the ceiling, but also overheating and so they had to be changed frequently.
For all these reasons the indoor light sources were replaced with LEDs and compact fluorescent lights.

The twelve 1000 W metal-halide lights have been replaced by six 290 W Led floodlights on the roof of the Finlandia Hall; this kind of replacement together with a series of movement sensors determines significant energy savings and simplicity of use of every hall space. Among the changes realized there is also a reduced cost of air conditioning, so it is possible to speak of a great attention for what concerns the energy consumption. This fundamental aspect, this reduction of costs and of energy consumption is underlined also by the Technical Manager Finlandia Hall, Ilkka Rautakivi.
He affirmed the importance of the excellent result obtained that satisfy the guests without reducing the amount of light of the different rooms. Another lighting characteristic of the Finlandia Hall, that has been realized thanks to Sakari Wikholm, the lighting manager of the structure, is the presence of new ColorReach LED floodlights, with them infact it is possible to control lighting from indoors, creating art with the computers, the lighting colours change according to the will of the lighting managers, so many colour schemes and atmospheres are often created.



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