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11/06 2012

Giorgio Riva, Sculpting the light


June – September 2012

Thursday the 21st of June at 8.00 p.m.
Inauguration of the complex of
Light Sculptures
Villa Tre Tetti, Montevecchia Park
39 Belvedere Street, Sirtori (Lc)

Sunday the 24th of June at 3.00 p.m.
Opening of the retrospective exhibition
Villa Greppi
12 Monte Grappa Street,
Monticello Brianza (Lc)

Saturday the 7th of June at 900 p.m.
Showing of the video-acoustic work
Four handed work
Villa Greppi

Illustrated Catalogue edited by Flaminio Gualdoni
Text by Edi Minguzzi and Giorgio Riva

In two charming places on the hills of Montevecchia Park (LC) on the 21st of June the exhibition Sculpting the light will open: it is an ample show of the works of Giorgio Riva, an artist who has always used polysemic language to move among painting, sculpture, computer graphics and music.
His most recent Light Sculptures have found their natural collocation at the Villa Tre Tetti in Sirtori and it’s there that they can be admired following sunset.
Instead, in the Barn of the Villa Greppi some of his previous works are being exhibited: the Plasma-sheets, the Xilo-Plasma and other graphical works.
The complex of Light Sculptures that Giorgio Riva has installed on the terraces, in the garden and in the woods at the Villa Tre Tetti in Sirtori over the years, is so closely connected to the surrounding nature, the architectural scenery and to the panorama, that it appears itself to be a complete piece, through which you walk modulating your steps to the rhythm of genuine aesthetical emotions.
The material components of this ‘Environment-piece’ show a further development of the polysemic language, typical of Riva’s art: vision and hearing, space and time, light and darkness are all interlacing here in a global synchrony on the waves of the musical sounds rising from the woods and then moving among the sculptures, reflecting the images.
The catalogue, edited by Flaminio Gualdoni, gives interesting keys. “Riva works, Gualdoni writes, like an ancient artifex, with a direct and personal command of the tools and the proceedings”, which is the principal guarantee of discovery, of going beyond what is known towards unexplored dimensions.
In this way he involves “the whole physical perception of the public, a type of sensory feast, connected without arrogance to the suggestion and the memory of the total art work.”
The text by Edi Minguzzi recalls “the roots of the polysemic language” of Giorgio Riva and the main stages of his artistic path, also in light of the interpretations of the art critics and historians interested in his work, such as Marisa Dalai Emiliani, Vittorio Fagone, Floriano de Santis, Alberico Sala, Paolo Vagheggi and many others.
The retrospective exhibition in the Barn of Villa Greppi is devoted to these “polysemic roots”. There are also several specimens of the earlier production Plasma-sheets, exhibited, bas-reliefs on the boundary between sculpture and painting, Xilo-plasma, bas-reliefs sculpted with sand jets on wood grain, and graphic works (numbered print and drawings).
Also in Villa Greppi a meaningful corollary of the retrospective exhibition will take place: the projection of Four-handed Work, a dialogue between images and sound composed together with Maestro Francesco Rampichini and presented at the Milan Triennial in 2009.

Giorgio Antonio Riva was born in Milan in 1933. In 1953 he obtained the Classic High School diploma and in 1959 a University Degree in Architecture at the Polytechnic of Milan, where he became Assistant to Ernesto Rogers. Later he worked mainly in the field of architectural design and on the organization of interdisciplinary groups, but he continued his research into painting and sculpture, which would lead to the Plasma-sheets, coloured paper bas-reliefs with many-folded physiognomies.
In 1988, polemizing with R. Barthes’s linguistic theories, he publishes the novel-essay Chiamami “Oriente”.
His approach to the computer digital language goes back to 1992, but at his solo exhibition at the Permanente Milan Museum in 1996 there was a whole section devoted to the electronic paintings. The Info-graphies, numbered prints which he drew from computer matrixes, were shown for the first time in 1998 at the large exhibitions in Madrid and Seville.
In 1999 Riva presented the Cd-Rom Devoted to Piero at the Brera Museum, a geometric-perspective and chromatic reconstruction of the Augustinian Polyptich by Piero della Francesca, composed for the Museum Poldi Pezzoli. From 2000 to 2002 the Cds Infoplasma. Six Polytechnic lessons and Beyond binary opposition were published, in which Riva introduced ten “metamorphic files” as well as a selection of lectures drawn from one course he taught at the Polytechnic in Milan. In the exhibition “Confini?” in 2005 the first Light Sculptures appeared. In 2009 Four handed Works, a video-acoustic work composed together with Francesco Rampichini was published.

N. B. Giorgio Riva does not sell his paintings and his sculptures.

Further records at (section current exhibition)

The town Hall Library in Sirtori – tel. 039.215033 –
The Villa Greppi Brianteo Consortium – tel. 039. 207160 –
Villa Tre Tetti: tel. 039 955936 – cell. 339.7899501 –

Inauguration of the Exhibition Light Sculptures at Villa Tre Tetti
Thursday the 21st of June at 8 p.m.
The spokesman for the arts, Dr. Paolo Negri, and the editor Prof. Flaminio Gualdoni will present the exhibition.
The exhibition will be followed by a buffet. The illumination of the Light Sculptures will begin at sunset.

Opening of the retrospective exhibition at Villa Greppi
Sunday 24th of June, at 3 p.m.
Prof. Enzo Bruni, the Chairman of the Villa Greppi Brianteo Consortium and Dr. Paolo Negri, spokesman for the arts of Sirtori town Hall will present the exhibition with the author.

Showing of Four handed works at Villa Greppi: Saturday the 7th of July at 9.30 p.m.

Visiting hours:
- Villa Tre Tetti – Light Sculptures: only Friday and Saturday from the 22 nd to the 28 th of July and from the 1 st to the 15th September at sunset to assist the gradual passage from light of day to the dark of night(close in August).
- Villa Greppi – retrospective exhibition: every Sunday from the 24 th of June to the 29 th of July, from 2.30 p.m. to 6.30 p.m.

PRESS OFFICE: Maria Chiara Salvanelli 333.4580190



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