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4/07 2012

Home, my place in the world

Home, my Place in the World
Contemporary Art Exhibition

Works of: Mariantonietta Bagliato, Pietro Capogrosso, Vito Capone, Maria Grazia Carriero, Sarah Ciracì, Daniela Corbascio, Raffaele Fiorella, Michela Frontino, Claudia Giannuli, Francesco Grillo, Dino Palmisano, Giuseppe Restano, Massimo Ruiu, Carlo M. Schirinzi, Tarshito, GiuseppeTeofilo, Nicola Vinci.

by: Lia De Venere
Organization: Accademia Apulia UK
Place: Londra
La Galleria, Pall Mall, 8 Pall Mall
from dal 15 al 21 luglio 2012
time: 11:00 – 19:00
Free entrance
Opening: martedì 17 luglio 2012, ore 18,30
Press Office: Pietro Como, Barabino & Partners UK

The Italian Cultural Institute in London and Accademia Apulia UK present to the international community ”Home – My Place in the World”, a calendar of Made-in-Puglia events showcased at various prestigious locations in central London.

Introducing “Home, my Place in the World” – London celebrates Apulian excellence with a week of exclusive events.
The initiative is aimed at introducing the international community to the best expressions of culture, art, creativity and cuisine from one of the most beautiful and traditional regions in Italy. The series of events will unfold between the 16th and 21st of July 2012, across a number of exciting venues in central London, including La Galleria Pall Mall and the Italian Cultural Institute.

Curated by the art critic Lia De Venere, the contemporary art show will display paintings, sculptures, photographs, installations and videos focused on the theme of ‘homeland’. Giving tribute to the concepts of identity, nomadism, home and mother country, the exhibition will showcase works of art of some of the most representative Apulian artists.
The full programme of events that will highlight and emphasise the creativity and virtuosity that Puglia offers today, is available on the Accademia Apulia website:

“Home, my Place in the World” has been funded by Regione Puglia, Department of Welfare, ‘Pugliesi nel Mondo’, Sistema Puglia and the Internationalisation Department, Program 2012.

A special thanks to Angelo Iudice, Chairman of Accademia Apulia UK, his desire to want to showcase contemporary art in London from his native land was clear and now it has become a reality.
So- Home, my Place in the World, is a project in which seventeen artists from Puglia – through different media – convey their own idea of home, using the poetic filter of metaphor.

As Lia De Venere, underlines << Home as the essential place in which each individual builds, grows and protects their existence. (…) It makes reference to the migration phenomenon that Puglia has witnessed in recent years, showing great generosity in the name of brotherhood and solidarity between individuals, different in many aspects, but belonging to a single human race.>>

A particular glance to:
Luminaria (Notturno), 2008, oil on canvas, cm 100 x 180. Courtesy Claudio Poleschi
Arte Contemporanea, Lucca
The Apulian artist, based in Florence for many years, incorporates Le Luminarie, typical
lighting of Apulian festivals, as a metaphor for his homeland. The light sculpture is
defined against the darkness of the night like a delicate embroidery of colored dots that
rise to the surface as blurry distant memories.

The visible and invisible earth energy, 2003-2011, lightbox, cm 70 x 140 x 7.
Courtesy Blindarte Gallery, Naples.
The bright blue map of the world is for the artist the most befitting metaphor for an
global society, devoid of boundaries in which individuals or groups have different motives
for moving from one place to another and at times covering considerable distances.
Such a journey can turn anyone into a citizen of the world – different and at the
same time identical to everyone else.

Home, my Place in the World, 2012, neon lighting tubes, plexiglass, water, accordingly
to the space available
Fire immerses into water but strangely it still burns. The title of the exhibition written in
red neon lighting tubes aims at emphasizing a contradiction. The connection the artist
has with her extraordinary homeland, kissed by the son and licked by the sea, cannot be
matched by technology.



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