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29/11 2013

The Treasure of Naples

The Treasure of San Gennaro

Light Studio signs up the lighting of the masterpieces of the exhibition “The Treasure of Naples” at the Fondazione Roma Museo Palazzo Sciarra, it will remain open until February 16th, 2014

” A show full of light … especially if the light is understood as a divination of events, as a manifestation of people restless and swirling soul …
the Saint…, the fire, the gold, the silver, all emanations of visible or metaphysical light, light that invests all the surrounding things interior or exterior to the dynamics of the Parthenopean man, reflecting beyond the border in the world, between culture, tradition and magic of becoming …

From this introduction I imagine a setting where the light of the entire route of the exhibition evokes the mystery not only liturgical, but also the beauty of the vision, whether real and miraculous or simply imbued in authentic folklore …

Light as a perceptual reference, of the violent heat of the lava, of the shining aura of the saint feast, of the color of fire , of the sang sun …

… but also of the light that denies the other visions … ”

Light Designer
Giuseppe Mestrangelo

Light Studio has the privilege to illuminate the exhibition ” The Treasure of Naples – Masterpieces from the San Gennaro Museum” one of the most important and wealthy goldsmith art treasures in the world formed through seven hundred years of donations of popes, emperors, kings and also common people ex-votos, a treasure closely linked to the city of Naples with devotion and prejudice, faith and disbelief.

The exhibition requires a special attention to the lighting design not only for the objets d’art preservation, but also for their representation, being successful in arousing both liturgical mystery and the preciousness of the exposed object.

A particularly sophisticated system, compared to what the lighting industry offers, which not only focuses on the exposed objects, but also takes into account the space that contains them and surround them, with the awareness to take Naples light inside the exhibition.

The light of the precious gems has been emphasized by the creation of specific luminous fluxes that does not deny the emphasis of the darkness that surrounds them and which allow the objects to instill all of their emotional charge driving and involving the viewer who watches them.

Getting into a place where everything exudes a sense , liturgical or popular, where the noble precious metals radiate the space a light towards which all of us instinctively tend, that fills the heart and soul and that in this exhibition is made the absolute protagonist.

The judicious use of fitting light to quote the sunlight of the Naples streets enhances the beauty of the exhibition and accentuates the value. Moreover, the choice of the LED light source intensifies the color rendering and enhances the reflections of gold and precious stones , creating with the light a masterpiece in the masterpiece.

A final composition that achieves an harmony given by the right cohesion of the elements, in order to make the overall vision particularly striking. Here the lighting is like a mother who brings to light enormous treasures generating in them the divine life , a bright vision of existence.

This is the feeling that we have tried to give to the visitors of this important exhibition , the idea of a holy place , understood as a rediscovery of the past , where light penetrates our thoughts creating a bright vision of the human experience.



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