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15/11 2008

the “Lanterna” of Genoa

Liliana Iadeluca and Stefania Toro of ARCHiLUCE LiGHTiNG DESiGN designed a
dynamic light installation unique of its kind, with its 600 sqm of surface, at the foot of the “Lanterna” of Genoa.

In a sort of creative delirium, 38 luminous panels move and run…, and finally form a
drawing, a red cross on white field: the flag of Genoa.
Placed on a rock at the Western end of the harbour, the Lanterna is the symbol of the
town, easy to be seen from many points of view. Especially from the sea, as it was and
still is the lighthouse of the harbour.
Standing 117 metres above sea level, the Lanterna radiates its light up to 36 nautical
miles distance. It is a strong mark, one of the first images crossing our mind when we
think of Genoa. The emigrants looked at it disappearing when they left and it was
always there, when they came back.
Another emblem which Genoese are very attached to is the flag, the San Giorgio red
cross on white field. The basic idea for the installation is to have these two symbols talk to each other.

A modern version, luminous and dynamic, of the flag has been conceived in order to
make it visible from a distance by night, observing all the environmental and cultural
constraints, and a long series of technical and functional requirements as well.

Beginning from the sunset, an effective lighting underlines the long-limbed framework
of the Lanterna consisting of two soaring volumes, that in this way it’s possible to
appreciate also by night.
The rampart on which it rests, on the contrary, is normally plunged into darkness, so that by night the Lanterna seems to hang in mid-air. That’s way the design team decided to use the spur as a canvas, the surface on which to “paint” the luminous notes of Genoa flag.
As it has been conceived as a temporary installation, the luminous flag has a very light impact on the landscape. The way the light fixtures have been installed and the
typology and consumption of the light sources contribute to this result.

A net of very thin steel cables feeding 48000 very luminous LED bulbs with prismatic
heads (white and red) has been spread on the surface of the rock spur. A power plant
scheduled ad hoc to obtain a pre-established rhythm of switching on and off controls
the whole system. At the end of each sequence, the drawing of the flag pauses for a few minutes and then it starts again from the beginning.




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