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30/11 2011

Classe dell’Arte and Impronta Digitale 1.0 – art and technology

Classe dell’Arte and Impronta Digitale 1.0
by Paolo and Nicola Fenu Mittempergher

art and technology

“Classe dell’Arte” constitutes a series of events whose purpose is to try to give answers, or at least suggestions, about concepts concerning the world of art, that are also closely correlated to cultural politics, economy or social relations. All this through a direct account of researchers and professionals from the world of Italian art, artists, museum directors, curators and collectors. Thus, the aim is to make people understand and approach the art world, breaking the ditrust of contemporary art. The credit is above all of the curator of the events Paola Tognon.

It would have been impossible in a single meeting, just to mention the world that can be observed speaking about art and technology. So a new parallel path was created with many affinities with the other meetings. The result is “Impronta Digitale 1.0,” four meetings -workshop where apart from the experience of technologically advanced art-works, there is the possibility to discuss about the origins and possible developments of the relationship between art and technology.
” Impronta (del) Digitale 1.0″ is designed as an informal space where artists, researchers and professionals present their projects: giving the participants the possibility to touch the technological devices developed.
the relationship between art and technology is protagonist, technology becomes a tool of expression and vehicle of news.

The topics focused in planning this initiative are two: one closer to IT and business world, identified with the interaction design and the other more purely artistic with the use of new media.

One of the protagonists, together with Valentina De Marchi of N! 03 of the first workshop on October the 6th, is Andrea Santini, new media artist who has exhibited the interactive audiovisual work “Oscilla”; Martin Romeo, a young artist with the interactive dance performance “Label”, the boys REFF – Romaeuropa Fake Factory, with an installation and a workshop about remix and enhanced reality “ARDrug”. Nicola Torpei, interaction designer and developer of multi-touch applications and Elisa Bernardoni and Marco Arizzi of Sumen Ltd.

On December the 1st Koschwitz Julian, interaction designer and university teacher, and Graziano Terenzi of AR-Media Ltd of InglobeTechnologies, and also Simona Caraceni, a member of ICOM, prime mover of the audiovisual committee and new technologies.

A project sponsored by the Vice President of the Provincia Autonoma of Bolzano, Christian Tommasini


Nicola Mittempergher:]

Paolo Fenu:]

Link video and facebook’arte-iii-–-l‘arte-e-un-linguaggio-universale/


Trevi Cultural Centre, Via Cappuccini 28, Bolzano
Tel: 0471 300980

In collaboraztion with
T.I.S. Innovation Park

Communication and media:
Anna Quinz



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