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20/01 2013



17.01.2013 I 20.02.2013
Ela Franscella aka Elfa nel Sacral and Mya Lurgo
Artistic research workshop open to the public on Thursdays, from 3.00 to 9.00 p.m..

21.02.2013 I 21.03.2013
Mya Lurgo Gallery inaugurates
Twin solo exhibition of
Ela Franscella aka Elfa nel Sacral and Mya Lurgo
Opening hours: Tuesday to Friday, from 3.00 to 7.00 p.m., Saturdays from 10.30 a.m. to 1.00 p.m

The Mya Lurgo Gallery, the art venue and rendezvous located in Piazza Riforma, Lugano (Switzerland) since 2007, is pleased to announce its new agenda. The exhibition projectof the LIGHTness Collective Show, which evolved in the course of the entire year of 2012,now culminates in the ability to bask in its own light, achieving an independent spin-off that takes it on an international journey:the first venue outside the home gallery will be in the MareliaGallery in Bergamo (,from 26 January to 13 March.In parallel with this travelling exhibition, thegallery will also be working on two distinct yet synergic activities in house.
One of these activities will be a series of SOLO Shows,lasting one month each and featuring works by selected Light Artists from the international scene.
The other derives from an inherent creative drive and has been dubbed LAB_Oratorium. This is a residential project focused on interdisciplinary research embracing the fields of art, the human intellect and technology, so as to constitute a practical workshop where artists can explore the ramifications of Light Art. For a certain period of time, the gallery will be transformed into a research laboratory and convivium, a container for creative processes practised by the artist in permanent residence, Mya Lurgo, together with other invited artists.The gallery will further transform into an atelier open to the public every Thursday. The residence is planned to conclude with a twin solo exhibition of the works created during the residential experience.

The first LAB_Oratorium opens its doors on Thursday 17 January
from 3.00 to 9.00 p.m.

The first residence features the artists Ela Franscellaand Mya Lurgo.
Ela Franscella, the multidisciplinary Swiss artist and choreographer known on the art scene by the anagram of her name Elfa nel Sacral, is focusing on researching and developing new idioms of danced movement and the plastic arts. The works she creates, dividing her time between Locarno and Paris,can be located at the interfaces between several different terrains – Body/Video/PaintingArt and performance – and are distinctive for the mysterious, savage yet sage balance in which expression meets imagery, intuitive intelligence and meditation. In 2008, she created the Mops_DanceSyndrome dance company, whose dancers all have the Down syndrome, with whom she develops projects and cultural exchanges at European level.

This is how Elfa nel Sacralintroduces her research in summary.
“When I research, I meet and it is this act of meeting that holds my attention: it is a venue for organic, organised explorationof everything that reaches me from the universe and joins me to it. This intense bond with the invisible material of being is at the root of every one of my creations: after first passing throughdance and the body, it is now amalgamated with the other artistic disciplines. Blending choreography, video and the plastic arts, my work sets out to capture and express this primordial, almost obsessive groundswell and to provide its organisation in space and time with the most suitable composition and form. The sequence is different every time I encounter this pulsation, which I intercept as it passes through me and is crystallised in installations and choreographies that go toward compiling a single large reinvented original structure, which I hope will enable visitors and spectators to experience something of a revelation of their own ‘mystery’.”

Mya Lurgo, the artistand gallery owner,will be implementing the concepts of the “Body of Light” series during the LAB_Oratorium. Mya Lurgo’s public diary – the blog “A-centr-ism Art and Metaphysics at Work” ( – will provide the virtual venue where the public can exchange opinions with the artist. In addition, Mya Lurgo’s second book,Out of the Blue: Yves Klein’s Immaterial meets a-centr-ism, shortly to be published, is an anthological compilation of her works from 1996 to 2012that will be available both as an eBook and in a limited hardcopy edition.

Introducing her project, Mya Lurgowrites:
“Although my meeting with Light is pre-meditated, when it comes about, it is unexpected. A blinding light wraps the entire being up from inside all at once, yet extremely delicately, cloaking the feeble pretexts of reason and unrecognisable differences in a whiteness akin to the driven snow. My heart beats vigorously when love advances and lost integrity revives, transpiring from all pores with a light of its own.”



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