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11/01 2012

LIGHTness collective SHOW 2012

12.2.2012 – 29.2.2012 / 1st Act

c/o Mya Lurgo Gallery Piazza Riforma 9 CH-6900 Lugano

Andrea Sartori
“U R +Dimentional”
Intaglio su vetro, smalti, Led

Since 2007 in Lugano the Mya Lurgo Gallery offers an exposition and creative space. It’s been founded by Maria Grazia Lurgo-Antonelli, in art Mya Lurgo.

After the Outrenoir: light+digital art project 2011 promoted by the cultural trio  Martina Cavallarin, Alessandro Trabucco and Cristina Trivellin, the Mya Lurgo Gallery invests in 2012 in another light and digital art initiative: the LIGHTness collective SHOW 2012, a round table of six artists (Federica Gonnelli, Nicola Evangelisti, Clara Luiselli, Mya Lurgo, Andrea Sartori, Maya Zignone… to start with) that offer their art research to the public and to the light art comunity (architects, designers…).

The SHOW will integrate during the comming year new artists that will offer complementary artworks.

In this project Light is the main theme. Light that becomes space, concept and energy. An ongoing exposition that changes and expresses itself through centered events starting on the 12th of January.

The exposition path is meant to spread out of boundaries.
Workshops on the theme of light&digital art are on schedule for architects and interior designers.

A quick look on two of the artists involved in this experience: Maya Zignone and Clara Luiselli.

Maya Zignone affirms: “the pivot of my work is the multimedia concept, through different media, sound, installations, photography, video and especially with the constant use of light I create places and situations that find the balance and the convergence of physical and emotional energies through the  comparison with the viewer, a kind of experiential relationship between man and space.

I work with light and energy and light is energy. Light as a compositional tool that generates different spaces and illuminates what is in shade, what doesn’t exist, and was not previously thought.

With light I like thinking of being able to create new environments, that become life places, of communication and of relationships. I reshape spaces thanks to colour contrasts and light intensities. I always start by drawing small sheets of paper, pencil and eraser, my work must be incisive and my basic shapes have to be primary, organized, after they become three-dimensional structures.

Maya Zignone, artista genovese

I am interested in investigating the possibility of establishing a physical link between the viewer and my installations and I’m curious about the consequent dimension of intimacy, a sort of visual and conceptual symbiosis.

“Clara Luiselli is not interested in the object in itself,” says Mauro Zanchi.

It has to be a tool, something able to move something else. She is attracted by the evocative vision, the idea of ​​wonder, from the mystery of things. She has a vision composed of two parts, to see and touch are connected actions. The key concept is awareness: the viewer that uses only his eyes neglects many details. The artist wears a luminous dress. To touch the door with the light, beyond the darkness, gives the possibility to see other aspects of reality. To touch in order to see, as artistic action that explores the relationship inside / outside, combining the visceral part of the body with all that flows in the world.

Clara Luiselli



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