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17/05 2011


Skyscrapers, lights, and freedom, the Statue enlightening the world.

Big Apple, Capital of the World, New Amsterdam (the city’s original name), these are the different ways to call New York, a mix of ethnics groups and cultures, surrounded by the scent of innovation, but also by noise, lights, full of opportunities and temptations. It is possible to breathe all this in New York.

In the great American metropolis you feel small watching the majesty of the huge skyscrapers that rise up to touch the sky dome, watching the endless bridges that cross the ocean, you feel immersed in a different reality, especially in the evening thanks to the twinkling lights that illuminate the streets.
New York, for the immensity and the thousands of its attractions, is also called the city of a hundred faces, and if we could choose a face, it would be the architectural one.

Let’s think to theEmpire State Building or the Rockefeller Center. In every building you can find a real city with boutiques, cafes and restaurants, surrounded by palm trees in the lobby of one of the many skyscrapers visited, as if we were in a tropical village, but the real show is on the top of these colossus of concrete, where you can enjoy a fabulous view of the city, you can see Manhattan in all its glory inside a huge green rectangle, Central Park.
It is the huge green lung of the city, it contains oasis for small animals, seals, turtles, monkeys, but also bears, and it hides magical corners especially at sunset when the rays of the sun go beyond the leaves and branches.

From the pacific Central Park we go to the 5th Avenue and Broadway, from the chaos of shopping and entertainment, to a respectful silence for the victims of September 2001.
Event, commemorated each year as we remember on our website, with the "Tribute in Light, the amazing light beams projected from the soil toward the sky recreate at Ground Zero the silhouette of the towers which in the past stood out on the skyline of New York. They both commemorate the Twin Towers, in order to remember and honour the memory of the people who lost their lives on that tragic morning, and simbolize the spirit of the community, the unity of the city, the desire of reconstructing never forgetting.

New York is also very suggestive and fascinating at night from the boat, we look at a unique skyline, the city dressed in lights and colours.
Finally, the meeting with Lady Liberty. The symbol of the American metropolis stands on the Hudson River, on Liberty Island, it welcomes us, like a beacon, with his torch. It is the Statue of Liberty but we like to call it the Liberty Enlightening the World.
And also the Nuit Blanche: Mulberry Street, St. Patrick’s Cathedral and the facade of the New Museum have been transformed into an amazing nighttime environment of temporary thanks to Flash:Light.

A new platform for artists working in light, sound, performance, art.
This kind of event re-imagines an iconic New York City neighborhood.
The 3D Projection technology has given the possibility to render the artist’s hand monumental.

So during the initiative of Nuit Blanche, the project Flash Light, a project of the New Museum’s Festival of Ideas for the New City, has proposed solutions and invited the public to participate in improving urban life, it has represented a bold initiative for artists, architects, technologists, designers and other thought leaders to exchange ideas.

Other Festival partners: The Cooper Union, New York University, Columbia University, The Bowery Poetry Club, The Architectural League, and the Storefront for Art and Architecture.

The Big Apple sounds like a city of business and economics, but if you listen, you can hear its romantic lifestyle.



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