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9/08 2011

The exhibition in Gagliano del Capo: “Lightings”

Puglia Contemporanea: Pratesi ha curato la 2a edizione di “Artisti a Palazzo: Illuminazioni”.

Contemporary Puglia: Pratesi is the curator of the 2nd edition of “Artists at the Palace: Illuminations.”

Up to 25 of August, Palazzo Gargasole in Gagliano del Capo, situated in the Province of Lecce, will host the exhibit “Contemporary Puglia: Artists at the Palace”  
curated by art critic Ludovico Pratesi
, who is also a contributor to the «Venerdì» magazine of Italy’s La Repubblica daily newspaper. The exhibit presents a selection of works dedicated to light,  by 7 italian artists and a german artist.

The luminous effects of the works break in the palace full of magic and glamour
ART: THE EXHIBITION in Gagliano del Capo “Lightings”

Videos, photographs, sculptures, neon, light boxes  mark the artistic season of this summer in Salento, with the exhibition Illuminations, two steps from Santa Maria di Leuca.

The 2nd edition is dedicated to light, interpreted in its different aspects. The exhibition, conceived and organized by the Association Capo d’Arte, has the support of the Gagliano del Capo Commune, of the Province of Lecce, Puglia Region, the patronage of the EU, and the support of some sponsors.

This exhibition wants to examine the evolution of light as an expressive language of contemporary art in a specific environment of great beauty, a building of the nineteenth century of the noble family Gargasole. The works of Francesco Arena, Mario Airò, Sara Ciracì, Flavio Favelli, Alfredo Pirri, Richard Previdi, Elisa Sighicelli will be on the ground floor, the video of the German Tobias Zielony, theforeign artist, will appear in the Coffee House of Palazzo Daniele.

The art works of Francesco Arena, Flavio Favelli and Riccardo Previdi have been created for the spaces of Palazzo Gargasole, placed in the suggestive rooms of the courtyard, these works illustrate the different conceptual and symbolic modalities of the light presence as  constitutive element of the work itself.

At the opening there was a rich parterre of guests, the world of culture, institutions, celebrities, visitors attracted by the personality of Salento and by the exhibition.

Edoardo, Francesco and Esmeralda Winspeare, Serena Dandini, Inge Feltrinelli, Giorgio Forattini, Aimone of Savoia Aosta with his young wife Olga of Greece, Ines of Borbone delle Due Sicilie and her husband Michele Carrelli Palombi, Flavia and Duilio Giammaria  of TG1, Ennio Capasa of Costume Nationale, have gathered at Palazzo Gargasole of Gagliano del Capo. After the exhibition, dinner in the courtyard, dancing the notes of  of Arakne Mediterranea, protagonist in ’09 of the Night of Taranta.

Ludovico Pratesi is one of the most famous art critic in Italy. He is the artistic director of the Centre for Visual Arts Pescheria of Pesaro, dedicated to contemporary art. He was also scientific curator of Palazzo Fabroni in Pistoia.
Capo d’Arte is born in 2010,  thanks to four friends, art lovers, Francesca Bonomo, Tiziana Frescobaldi, Francesco Petrucci, Mirko Pozzi. The association wants to promote contemporary art in Salento inside historic spaces, buildings, archaeological sites, farms, through exhibitions, events, meetings and seminars.

The first edition of Artists at Palace was in the summer of 2010.


Every day h 20/24  p.m.
Free entrance

For information:

Tiziana Frescobaldi- Capo d’Arte

Cell.: 348- 7283742.;

Silvia Palermo – Quattrozeroquattro
Cell.: 339- 5028904




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