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20/12 2013

Lights forever by Nanda Vigo

The exhibition at the Gallery Allegra Ravizza is a tribute to the artistic activity of Nanda Vigo, his last fifty years.

The exhibition celebrates the Vigo work from the early 60s, when the artist began his research for the Cronotopi realization.

These works , etymologically time-space, are conceived by Vigo as visual filters of the reality in which we are, intensifying the perception beyond the limits of the concrete worlod.

The materials that characterize them – glass and aluminum, coming from the industrial world, oppose the natural course of light giving rise to mutations and uncertain impressions of space. Starting from the famous chronotopes , the exhibition traces the artistic career Vigo up to the most recent works, characterized by a new use of the black glass, which becomes the setting for a luminous event that expands the physical boundaries the work.

During his career, Nanda Vigo has refined his mastery of the light concept.
Since his first creations, in fact, light and glass are revealed as constant elements of investigation in the art, design and architecture fields.
Thanks to this exhibition, it will be possible to see, together with a dense core of historical documents, different unpublished works of 1965, recently came to light thanks to the Archivio Nanda Vigo ongoing research.
After the exhibition in Bern in 1965 at the Galerie Aktuel with Castellani and Bonalumi, Nanda Vigo presents his first solo exhibition in Switzerland.



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