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1/10 2014

New floating luminous creations

An eclectic artist, Laurent Fort, that our editorial staff has already known, and now wants to describe its evolution, presented also to the Governors Island Art Fair, through three of his new creations:

Louminous Alchemy rotating

“Louminous Alchemy rotating” is an artistic gesture that gives the object a strong scenic value beyond a simply spectacular feature lighting. The aim of drawing with light a floating, flexible, fluid and poetic image describes the aesthetics of this sculpture of light. A light source that alludes to the explosive power of a primitive life form, to its narrative power, its imaginative power, sculptures of light, unique polycarbonate artistic pieces. Each sculpture produces a multitude of effects malleable at will, an incredible game of suggestive reflections that animate the space.

Inspired by the myth of Prometheus, the Titan who stole the fire from Zeus for giving it to men, kind the light sculpture.
From a solid matrix, a powerful, Primordial presence of concrete sprout a stem in metal, flexible and curved like a tongue of fire that gives light to the human space. At the upper end of the beam a LED 1watt crosses a “shower head”, a rotating cylinder, made three thin glass rims enclosed between two mirror.
Prometheus infuses the room with unexpected presences and new atmospheres. By changing the position of the stem and the angle of the glass cylinder, walls come alive with frescoes.

Black Box Cosmos

The Black Box plays with contrasts. A clean, black monolith, polished, capable of generating ever-changing scenery rolling. The essence of ethereal light creates solidness, impalpable… The Black Box interacts with the environments, captures the minimum air movements and translates them into the light of a thousand
shades. An unending dialogue, a magic box of theatrical, bursting into the space.



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