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9/06 2017

Pomezia Light Festival

From 9 to 11 June 2017 it will take place the first edition of Pomezia Light Festival, an overview in the programme of events during the summer in Pomezia. Pomezia Light Festival is one of the first festival of light art in the Region Lazio and the very first in Agro Romano. The aim of the festival is to gather in the little town upon Agro Romano some artists who make the light as their expressive media, by using new and old technologies. This kind of events lends itself to some kind of urban operation by a two-stage process: the valorisation of places, buildings, especially interesting and, by contrast the interpretation in a critical or exalted way of architectural problematic situations. We want to create in the town of Pomezia a focal point  for those artists who are interested in this kind of events, we want to disseminate and support the discover of this new way of making art and shows by digital technologies and the language of the light. The innovation of this event is proposed as a strong stimulation for the creativity of many artistic, cultural and associative projects in town. The event is also proposed as a window  to a wider spectrum of artistic issues, also inviting national or international artists  to participate. The first edition of  Pomezia Light Festival invites the artists to reflect on a current topic and to make project proposals based on these thoughts. The focus is on the augmented reality, meant as the increased perception of the true reality. This perceptive increase takes place when the information received are augmented or reduced, through a mechanical or technological intervention.

Technological instruments have always worked with light, using or changing it: therefore we ask to the artists to create works, which increase the perception of reality, using the potential of technologies they prefer, digital or not.

The aim of the artist must be to create works, which manage to show places a different guise; create original perspectives by the enjoyment of the pieces of art. A very original view on something which is already known, creating awareness and not illusions.

It’s a way of stimulating the imagination of the artists through reflections on the relationship between place, viewer and creation, but it’s also a game aimed at rework the town.  This event will take place in 3 days in which activities by day and by night will be held.

In the morning there will be ample space for meetings and workshops, where everybody are invited to  attend. You will descover new technologies, explained by the experts of field, for example they’ll talk about effects of the digital tachnologies in art; while in the evening the town will shine in a new light: there will be projections, exhibitions, installations, the light will be the main element of the night in Pomezia. The artists will excite, enchant and surprise every spectator with their artworks full of lights, colors and music. Everything will transform the town in a urban path where the involvement of the audience is fundamental. For three days Pomezia will be a place where different artists  will be able to express their creativity and their talent. The town’s architectural forms will be turned upside down, you will be able to see urban areas like never before. The light will renew the town and will make it more attractive and endearing.

9-10-11 June: lights go up on Pomezia.



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