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9/05 2016

Portal Launches May 2016 at Federal Hall National Memorial, NYC

Organized by the Nonprofit 4heads, Inc.

Portal, a new fair featuring dozens of artists, opened to the public on May 4 at historic Federal Hall National Memorial at 26 Wall Street. Developed by 4heads, Inc. – the nonprofit behind Governors Island Art Fair (GIAF) – the fair builds on the organization’s mission to provide new platforms for emerging artists, from across the U.S. and abroad, to engage with the public, arts professionals, and collectors, while highlighting historically significant landmarks across the city. Following the success of the eighth edition of GIAF in September 2015, 4heads, Inc. decided to create a new fair that will leverage art world activity in New York City in early May to support the work of young and emerging artists.

Featured artists will install their work across three floors of the building, including the grand entrance rotunda, second floor galleries and balconies, and the lower-level rotunda, allowing visitors to rediscover the monumental architecture through a diverse range of artistic perspectives.

Artists for Portal were selected through an invitational process. 4heads, Inc. leadership invited a selection of artists, many of whom have presented work across the eight editions of Governors Island Art Fair (GIAF), and requested proposals for engaging with specific areas of Federal Hall National Memorial.

The vision is to provide individuals with a new opportunity to develop and present their work, building on their successes at GIAF and nurturing continued support for their practices.

As with GIAF, featured artists exhibit for free, and no admission to the fair will be charged, to encourage a wide array of individuals to participate as either exhibitor or viewer. Portal provides a new opportunity to experience the work of dozens of artists in a week teeming with activity, and to reignite interest in the city’s architecture and history.

Laurent Fort shows some of his works: Black Box Cosmos e Organica

The Black Box Cosmos play with contrasts. A clean, black monolith, polished, capable of generating ever-changing scenery rolling. The essence of ethereal light creates solidness, impalpable…  The Black Box interacts with the environments, captures the minimum air movements and translates them into the light of a thousand shades. An unending dialogue, a magic box of theatrical, bursting into the space.

Material : Black polish polycarbonate, Silver acetate sheet.

Light source Led 1Watt / Rated voltage 110  / US plug

Size : 19”x10” inches

Height: 25” inches

Projection : Variable 8′ x 9′ Feet

Video Link :

Organica  is a reflection, working with a magnetic sphere that rotates under the reflective surface creating fresco organic growing. Live life to the lightness.

Material: Black mat polycarbonate – Flexible arm – Acetate sheet or Dichro sheet – Motor 1rpm – 4watt

Light Source: LED 1watt

Box Size: 33x23xH8,5 cm

Position: +/- 20″ Inches from the wall

A magnetic ball rotates below the reflective material

Indoor only



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