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2/08 2008

The Terna Award

The Terna Award is created
New energy for Contemporary Art: “A response from the enterprises”

The Italian desire for “contemporary”: ISPO’s study on the perception of art in Italy On Tuesday, July 1st 2008 at 11,30 at the MAXXI, National Museum of the Arts of the 21st century, Terna presented the first edition of the Terna Award for Contemporary Art, an important Italian project aimed at promoting contemporary artists and art. “Transmitting energy: a contemporary
metaphor”: this is the subject on which artists are invited to express their creativity within October 30, 2008. The subject is inspired by Terna’s values and activities: Terna manages 24 hours a day,
the national electricity transmission guaranteeing our country with the required electricity supply.
The press conference opened with the inaugural address given by Pio Baldi, General Director of the MAXXI Foundation Project and the speakers were Luigi Roth, Terna’s Chairman, Flavio
Cattaneo, Terna’s CEO and Renato Mannheimer, Chairman of ISPO – Istituto per gli Studi sulla Pubblica Opinione (Institute fore Studies on Public Opinion) and Francesco Maria Giro, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities. The Curators of the Award were also present: Gianluca Marziani and Francesco Cascino. The Minister of Cultural Heritage and Activities Sandro Bondi closed the event.
Energy, even artistic one, is present everywhere in many forms and is restrainable.
Contemporary art is establishing itself internationally as a point of reference for the market, media and enterprises. 9 million people are interested in contemporary art and nearly 5 million would like to purchase an artwork. The sector principally attracts young people and the growth potential is enormous. 34% of Italians also believes that the sector should be supported by
both the Government and private enterprises. This was revealed by a study conducted by the
Institute for Studies on Public Opinion on Terna’s behalf which aimed to analyze the perception Italians have of art, in particular of contemporary art.

The Terna Award, a unique event within the national cultural scene, creates a network of energy formed by both established and emerging artists that can express themselves through painting, photography, elaborations and light-boxes.
In a completely innovative way, the competition is divided in three awards and creates a network for comparison of emerging talents, establishing a strong interconnection between the “art and the
business” worlds of artists and of Italy. Terna invites artists, as professionals, to become the development engine for the two “systems” by searching for original concepts and visual crossovers.

It is no coincidence that the opening meeting is held at the MAXXI, the future National Museum of Arts of the 21st century, under construction, which is the symbol of the desire for innovation and for
the new role taken on by contemporary art in today’s society.
The prizes for a total value of 150 thousand euro, will be distributed to the three competing categories: Terawatt, established artists, Gigawatt and Megawatt, emerging artists, respectively over and under 35.
The most important artists invited to the Terawatt category will play the role of being true cultural and creative supporters of this initiative as intended by the organizers. With the intention of specifically inviting them, the artists participating in the under and over 35 categories will be part of a circuit of emerging talents and will be instrumental in transmitting new creative energy.

Moreover, the “Online” Award: an innovative way, open to all, for selecting an artwork considered to be most deserving through the website All the artworks registered in the three categories automatically participate in this award assigned by popular consensus. The web voting is aimed at involving the public by strengthening the connection between the expressive artistic language and society’s visual evaluation capacity.
In agreement with the Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities, the competition will also support a social initiative in the cultural and artistic fields by devolving the prize for the Terawatt category, reserved to famous artists, that become protagonists of the ambitious project for enhancing Italian art and culture.
The Terna Award’s Committee of Honor is chaired by the Minister for Cultural Heritage and Activities Sandro Bondi, and formed by important representatives of the government, cultural and business worlds: Domenico De Masi University Professor and President of the Ravello Foundation, Massimiliano Fuksas, well-known architect; Emma Marcegaglia, President of Confindustria and Fernanda Pivano, internationally acclaimed writer and essayist, A Jury formed by important representatives from the cultural, artistic and industrial worlds, chaired by a Board formed by Luigi Roth and Flavio Cattaneo, will evaluate the competing artworks: Alberto Alessi, designer; Davide Blei, Councillor for Contemporanea- Art Collectors’ Association Milan; Silvia Evangelisti, Artistic Director of the Bologna Fair; Giovanni Giuliani, President of Macro Amici; Gianfranco Maraniello, Director of the MAMBO Museum of Bologna; Cristiana Perrella, Curator of the Contemporary Arts Programme of the British School in Rome; Thaddeus Ropac, owner of art galleries in Paris and Salzburg; Paolo Sorrentino, film director of the new film generation, Beatrice Trussardi, President of the Nicola Trussardi Foundation; Julian Zugazagoitia, Director of the Barrio Museum in New York.



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