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23/08 2010




• FROM July 14th TO September 26th

• VENUE: Museum of Art of the Seoul National University

This exhibition presents works of various media, such as installations of video and lightings, prints, drawing, photos, paintings of 16 Italian artists and 12 Korean artists with a common theme, “whiteness”.
This will be a great opportunity to see the “whiteness” approached as “light” or “the origin of life” by Westerners and the modern interpretations of the oriental esthetics of this color originally considered as absence.

Carlo Bernardini – Pippa Bacca – Enrico Castellani – Paolo Di Capua
– Casaluce/Geiger – Fabrizio Corneli – Franco Ionda – Emilio Isgrò – Oan Kyu – Rita Mele – Cristiana Palandri – Dino Pedriali –
Francesca Poto – Paolo Radi – Angelo Savelli – Ufo (Urban Future Organisation)

Choi, Man Lin – Choi, In Soo – Jeong, Kwang Ho – Chang, Yeon Soon – Jeong, Yong Kook – Kim, Seong Heui – Yang, Min Ha – Kim, In Kyum – Koo, Bohn Chang – Koh, San Keum – Kook, Dong Wan – Kwon, Dae Hun

Italian Cultural Institute, Museum of Art of the Seoul National University
ADDITIONAL EVENTS – Opening ceremony: July 14th, 5 pm
- Docent conducted tours : about 7 tours per day
Opening hours and closing days
Tue – Sun 10:00 – 18:00 (last entrance at 17:30)
* Closed on Mondays and National holidays

Tel. 880-9404/5
Address: Museum of Art of the Seoul National University
599 Gwanak-ro, Gwanak-gu, Seoul. 151-742



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4/07 2009

Springs of White

Embassy of Italy in Bangkok
Foreign Trade Institute
Bangkok Art And Culture Centre
Chulalongkorn University
Springs of White

Project of Vittoria Biasi
Curators Vittoria Biasi, Neung Lahopon
Opening 18 Jun 17p.m.

Tutti i fiori nascono bianchi serbando il seme dell’origine nella colorazione dell’inflorescenza, ma solo a pochi fiori è concesso proseguire il percorso emozionale ed elitario del bianco che rinvia ad una bellezza dispersa tra relazioni intense e sottili.

At birth, all flowers are white and they keep the trace of their origin in the colour of their inflorescence, but only a few of them are allowed to pursue the elect, emotional itinerary of the colour white, which refer to a beauty dispersed in intense and subtle relations.

The exhibition Springs of White, presented in New Delhi and in Kolkata, by Consulate General of Italy in Kolkata, Italian Cultural Institute in New Delhi, Associazione Culturale Blanco, whit a big result, will be present on the Thai cultural scene. Springs of White presents works of art realized using different means( light installation, video installations, light works and painting, photography, in the 1000 metre square almost), whit the focus on the theme of “white” colour.

The idea of white – primary colour and synthesis of all colours – is linked to idea of light and to the idea of the origine of life. Springs of white shows that, both western and Thai cultures, it is possible to recognise a white feeling, expressed or hidden. The exhibition opens up to an investigation across boundaries between innovation and tradition, through aspects of contemporary Italian and Thai art. In keeping with this concept, for the duration of the show there will be events, performances, linked to the culture of Italy and in relation with that of Thailand, with the aesthetic of Buddhist philosophy and monochrome research. The exhibition highlight the linguistic shifts in the Italian contemporary art, of point of view of white, who, in Twentieth century, revolutionize space’s and object’s perception. To this end the exhibition layout retrieves some dialectical dualities between the languages of soul and body, of white and colour, of Orient and Occident started in 2001th at the National Museum of Oriental Art in Rome.

The languages of monochrome and light of Carlo Bernardini, Fabrizio Corneli, Franco Ionda, Rita Mele, Roberto Pietrosanti, Paolo Radi, encounter the languages of colour and body of Matteo Basilé, Casaluce-Geiger, Dino Pedriali, Andrea Granchi, Pippa Bacca, and the travel round the signs of white, by different materials, exalted by the Thai artists Amrit Chusuwan and Vichai Sithiratn.



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