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11/04 2016

RGB-LIGHT FEST 2016 Rome Glocal Brightness


What we offer is a lucid….dream.

Lucid dreams are those in which we know we are dreaming. In lucid dreams we are the ones exploring and modifying our dreams and for this reason they are considered a noteworthy perceptual experience during dreamlike activity. First the artists and then the audience, they are both called to become with us natural lucid dreamers together with us, people who have the capacity to acknowledge that they are in a dream. We think we are awake, but we are not. What would happen to the reality in which we live if we applied the rules of lucid dreams?

This is the experiment we want you to take part in, trying to achieve those things that we usually consider impossible, not because they are impossible to create but only because we are the ones who first and foremost inhibit our own desires.

RGB 2016 wants us to be used to question about reality: are we sure to be awake?

RGB 2016 wants to be our reality test.


RGB goal is to exalt and increase the value of anything that appears ugly, degraded and slummy at a superficial and vague sight. But actually it contains a precise message, a indiscernible sign of the daily passage of past and present urban life that forewarns the future.

We chose the idea of a walk and the idea of the light to take the audience among these places that otherwise we could lost. This is to show that some degraded and abandoned corners could turn into something surprising and interesting with focused interventions.

The walk invites to make a visual exercise because it has a slow execution time and it allows to individuate places, forms, sensations, unusual and surprising lights.

The light changes places, it turns them into something new. Walking through these places allows to see again and again things always in a new way, as if in a kaleidoscope. Our aim is to twist stereotypes. We imagine a never ending flux of people getting out from the path and without realizing it they find themselves in places never taken into consideration but that are part of a daily “road” redesigned by light designers, video makers, visual artists and architects.

In its first edition RGB enlightened and valued places and environments usually left in the darkness and in solitude. Last year RGB fought against indifference of our sight and our consequent blindness. It used an “eyewash” to cure our eyes in order to change their perception. By this action those places that our eyes always saw as “squalid” became fascinating and amazing. The first edition was successful. In two days a big crowd invaded all the streets of the path, an heterogeneous crowd coming from all the city areas. Estimations counted around 15000 persons in two days.

This year RGB has a new challenge: the eye is not only a receptor but first of all it will be a transmitter. What we see, what we believe in is given by the images that our mind projects even when we have our eyes closed.

So… do not wake up from our dreams! Let’s keep daydreaming… but lucidly!


RGB – Roma Glocal Brightness is an artistic urban light project that reveals the beauty of Rome by a walk through areas that have been representing the entrance into the city:

Pigneto   Marranella   Torpignattara

In the first decades of ’900 these districts were chosen as a refuge and shelter zone by the first immigrants coming from the centre and south of Italy and today by the migrant populations such as Chinese, Indian, African people. These inhabitants simply contributed to the ongoing transformation and growth of the cultural and historical baggage that Rome still keeps today. From the Roman architecture to the monuments, from the old villas to aqueducts, RGB shows how history does not pass only through the historical centre but also through these streets shaped by those “social” actors that passed and keep passing from there.

RGB proposes a 4 kilometers path in order to take people from the pedestrian area of Pigneto to Parco Sangalli, inviting them to cross streets and alleys usually without an intense pedestrian flux thanks to a constellations of light works strictly linked to places, architectures and their inhabitants. From the trendy area of the pedestrian island in Pigneto people will get to the residential area made up of ’50s, ’60s and ’70s buildings, ’20s small houses and abandoned corners and to popular areas of Marranella and Torpignattara full of different cultures and international origins of their inhabitants. The path will end in Parco Sangalli where there is a fascinating Roman aqueduct.

This year the light interventions and installations and the artistic videos (created for a simple collective fruition) will point to involve streets, dark and abandoned points and architectural contrapositions more than last edition and for three nights and not two.

Our biggest investment will be for the collaboration with the communication agency that will work on the communication strategy and in particular the strategy to recollect finances from private sponsors.

But even if this help from the citizens is fundamental it is not enough to let the festival live. For this second editions we are exploring more directions to collect all the economies that the festival needs:

-       Compilation of public open call to which we’ll participate; usually they are announced by territorial institutions of Comune di Roma Capitale and Regione Lazio.

-       Creation of links with culture institutes and embassies of the different countries to allow the entrance of international artists in Rome.

- Choice of a right crowd-funding platform for our festival by which stimulate and sensitise the audience and the experts of this art.

All the financing forms that we’ll dispose are made to give to the audience a Festival that will be free, open, with a deep artistic value and urban redevelopment.



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