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29/11 2010



by Alessandro Trabucco

artists: Nino Alfieri, Pietro Pirelli-Gianpietro Grossi-Francesco Murano

The exhibition presents two large works by two Italian artists, Pietro Pirelli Nino and Alfieri, who has been testing and construction work in which sound, light and movement are the main ingredients and determining a total sensory involvement.
Two large-scale works that will occupy the spacious and airy with Artandgallery.
Alfieri Nino creates real "monuments multisensory" carry its own light energy that spreads into the surrounding space; alchemical ritual objects from unknown fumes emitted in the energy and interact with the colors used in the paintings photosensitive dynamically changing the perception of forms depending on the light frequencies continuously change. Wood’s light, incandescent light, infrared light, each color used by the artist / alchemist Alfieri reacts aerodynamic revealing masses in constant motion. The key issue is the presence of the sound that she uses as an extension of the evoked potentials of each composition, constituent element needed to complete the work and understanding.
The artist presents Eclipse, a parabola with a diameter of 2 meters, painted and assembled with a circular shape and a complex light and sound system. The end result is a slow transformation that simulates the color vision of an eclipse.
Alfieri, there is the entire cosmos and offers it as a whole "in front of his eyes", contains only two meters of the immensity of the sky.

Eclipse came out in April 2010 in Frankfurt in the context of Luminal Luces Light Art from Italy by Gisella Gellini.
Pietro Pirelli presents the work of Light Harp, a large light installation made up of beams of laser light to simulate the strings of the instrument more delicate and refined, light wires that produce sounds every time you stop the trace.
The work, created by the electrical engineer and musician and architect Francesco Grossi Gianpietro Murano, stems from the clear desire to "play the light, sound and gesture to unite into one big light and sound spectacular visual event and .

The performance aspect of the work is so crucial, the chance to play this fascinating instrument is made by the direct intervention of the artist but also offered to the public, which can interact with your hands or with objects of various kinds.

Alessandro Trabucco
artandgallery – ufficio stampa
Carlotta Cassani

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