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8/12 2012

Rome tree-lighting highlights hunger in Haiti

Rome tree-lighting highlights hunger in Haiti

A tree-lighting ceremony on Rome’s famed Spanish Steps on 6 December highlighted WFP programmes to provide meals to children in Haiti. The ‘Light for Freedom’ (Luce per la Liberta’) initiative, organised in collaboration with the Belize embassy in Rome and Italian power company Edison, has a Facebook page through which anyone can show support by clicking the ‘Like’ button.

So Piazza di Spagna is the setting of this great initiative, a light installation, a Christmas tree, of 25 meters, which will remain until January the 12.
The Christmas tree is characterized by green light, by 132thousand LED lights and two thousand stroboled.
The CO2 emissions produced will be balanced by a forest in Belize, the worldwide capital of biodiversity.



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