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24/12 2013

A luminous meeting with Daniela Chionna’s artworks, artist and designer

A luminous meeting with Daniela Chionna’s artworks, artist and designer

It’s always special to enter into an art studio, it is like wandering in a place made of everyday life, dreams, ideas, where the sensation of being far from the clock time let your imagination and reflections free. Looking at an art work, a painting, a sculpture, one wonders if the author is aware of his action, or if he is driven only by the desire to amaze the public.
In our culture infact the concept of art is now inextricably linked to that of economic value. Fortunately, there are also artists that “choose” art for the pleasure of experiencing new forms of creative expression as the possibility of knowledge and evolution of themselves. This is the situation of Daniela Chionna, a Pugliese artist-designer, she has been working with light and matter, her ” Creatures of Light” are able to evoke feelings, images, giving the viewer the sensation of ” other spaces ” where atmospheres become abstract scenes . Totem and light sculptures in every room, bright paintings hanging on the walls, in these spaces you can breathe ” The Smell of Light.” She is a complete artist, she lived with art from her birth, one of those artists whose universe continually generate ideas, colors, shapes and sensations. In this kind of universe the most basic equations of energy balances have no value because the energy in itself is always renewed and regenerated into new forms.

Her works have a communicative power that goes beyond the time in which they have been generated and thought. Made in the past, they act in the present, but they are conceived in the future without ever losing the thread with the most important artistic currents of 1900 . In her luminous Creatures time has no boundaries nor origins, the space is intended as a sort of matrioska, a universe that encloses another and another , and so on … this is what you feel looking at the different levels of composition in her creations. Daniela Chionna produces works by assembling everything that the world rejects or create for other purposes, in fact its facilities are made with many different materials : wood pieces modified by the sea, bolts, washers , wire mesh, objects whose form and function become different and nobler.

The “Object ” is no longer a single piece but part of a whole where it is renewed ready to interact with pictorial surfaces, then it is ” turned on” by a light source, the technological element. These ” objects ” represent a balanced mix of art and design. In her luminous paintings , the constant temptation to enclose light. Light that is forced , driven. The tools, the techniques that characterize this language hide her skilful conception of space, a continuous game of volumes , lacerations and transparency of the matter itself .

A brief interview to tell her artistic path and her relationship with light.

1 . How has started his artistic career?

An artistic journey has not a beginning if it is deeply felt … it’s part of you and with you evolves. Since I was a child I have loved drawing and I always had an inclination to create material “things” able to recall stories and feelings … real narratives that ” unrolled ” in my imaginary world. In 1984, I began to feel the need to show what I was doing and so , between reason and recklessness , I realized my first exhibition of ” doodles “, realized with different techniques in Società Operaia di Martina Franca (TA)
The path has been long and it is still long, it has requested and requires great commitment .
There have been important milestones in my career as an artist and designer , I have been selected to exhibit at the Salone Satellite 2002 , Salone Internazionale del Mobile in Milan, the layout of the rooms of the Pitti CLUB ( fashion season ) Fortezza da Basso in Florence, different participations in the Festival of Due Mondi in Spoleto, I worked with the RAI-3 production center in Turin, where some of my works have been selected for the television program ” Screensaver” , I have exhibited at several galleries and design “workshops ” in Milan, that gave me the possibility to have several publications, and collectors not only in Europe. I hope that my journey continues , I do not care much goals but I care about the journey and I want to enjoy it.

2 . What does light mean for you?
Light means ” to make evident “. Thanks to light we recognize the visible world giving it shape , color, and every day , opening our eyes , we give birth to our own world. Light reveals and celebrates creation . Light reveals the secrets of matter , it gives transparency, it raises, it goes over, making it thin or thick, it identifies it or dissolves it . Light is the supreme symbol that contains all the symbols both material and spiritual, it is the best space of action for Shadow explorers and with Shadow it makes the Universe plastic … Light is the Goddess chisel . Light means all this and more for me. In my collection , ” The Shadow of Light” I used the light source as technological element to unveil the surfaces and to be able to ” read “, through the tears in the matter , the stories of the unseen worlds as well as through a wound in the body it is possible to” read ” the stories of the Soul. And there was Light … someone said , and from there began a long Story …

3 . Italo Calvino , spoke of the desire to recover a literary exercise considered useless: description. You seem to do the same with your works , using recycled material or , as your Palomar , behind every simple or even trivial portion of reality, you want to bring people towards different life aspects.

This reference to Calvino flatters me and almost embarrasses me but it gives me reflections moments. Surely many art works are born and come from deep observations of the artist about the “things” of the world, “things” that are always investigated without losing the ” cosmic perspective “, that is able to bring together each element observed in a unified vision of existence. Many of my works have been conceived after long periods of reflection and research, they are not daughters of a mental dialogue but of a deeper need unconscious. For this reason those who look at ” creatures of light “rather than” describe them, “should” hear them . ” For me, everything has memory , nearly everything can return to a new life just loading a new meaning. I “Use” old material matched with natural material, my composition work is dictated by precise expression ,it is included in a pictorial work much more complex that “expresses the symbolic system of a person”. Then light , always understood as technological element , gives three-dimensionality , lightness, and a new identity to the works. The aim is always to cross the border of simple visual perception.

4 .Next projects? Exhibitions , exhibitions and other exhibitions.
Berlin is waiting for me but I feel a strong desire to regain possession of my territory . The best plan is always that I live and realize that in the present.



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