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7/06 2016

Painters of light. From Divisionism to Futurism

Curated by Beatrice Avanzi, Daniela Ferrari and Fernando Mazzocca Mart, Rovereto 25 June ― 9 October 2016 In coproduction with Fundación MAPFRE, Madrid After the first leg in Madrid, the exhibition produced by Mart and Fundación MAPFRE arrives in Italy! Rovereto sees the arrival of the major masterpieces of artists who, at the turn of the nineteenth and twentieth century, defined the birth of modern Italian painting.
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23/05 2016

Fine art installation by Bruce Munro, Field of Light Uluru opens at Ayers Rock Resort

Internationally recognised artist Bruce Munro’s immersive installation, Field of Light Uluru, opens 1 April at Ayers Rock Resort in the spiritual heart of Australia.
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9/05 2016

Portal Launches May 2016 at Federal Hall National Memorial, NYC

Organized by the Nonprofit 4heads, Inc. Portal, a new fair featuring dozens of artists, opened to the public on May 4 at historic Federal Hall National Memorial at 26 Wall Street. Developed by 4heads, Inc. – the nonprofit behind Governors Island Art Fair (GIAF) – the fair builds on the organization’s mission to provide new platforms for emerging artists, from across the U.S. and abroad, to engage with the public, arts professionals, and collectors, while highlighting historically significant landmarks across the city.
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7/05 2016

Carlo Bernardini Invisible dimensions

Milan Malpensa Airport 18 May to 18 October 2016 At “La Porta di Milano”, the environmental installation of light that transforms the space, changing the perceptive coordinates of the viewer. Milan, May 2016 - SEA presents from May 18 to October 18, 2016, at the airport of Milan Malpensa, Invisible Dimensions, the work of Carlo Bernardini, an artist who, since the nineties, has been conducting experimental research based on the element light-space, creating installations of fiber optic and sculptures.
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29/04 2016

Olafur Eliasson: Green light an act of welcoming

Green light is an act of welcoming, addressed both to those who have fled hardship and instability in their home countries and to the residents of Vienna. Working together in a playful creative process, participants build a modular light and construct a communal environment in which difference is not only accepted but embraced. I hope Green light shines light on some of the challenges and responsibilities arising from the current refugee crisis in Europe and throughout the world. – Olafur Eliasson
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29/04 2016

Caravaggio Experience, a original installation to explore Caravaggio’s artistic career

Caravaggio Experience, a powerful and totally original video installation, adopts a contemporary approach to the work of art to explore Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio's artistic career. The use of a sophisticated multi-projection system on a massive scale, combined with an original musical score and permeated with fragrances, takes visitors on a unique sensoral journey based on total immersion in the art of this 17th century master.
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11/04 2016

RGB-LIGHT FEST 2016 Rome Glocal Brightness

RGB Light Fest - Roma Glocal Brightness is an artistic urban light project that reveals the beauty of Rome by a walk through areas that have been representing the entrance into the city.