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7/08 2015

XI Conferenza del Colore and workshop Optical spectroscopy for food applications

XI Conferenza del Colore and workshop Optical spectroscopy for food applications: a photonic tasting September 9th -10th-11th, 2015 – Department of Design, Politecnico di Milano Campus Bovisa – Via Durando 10 – 20158 Milan (Italy) On September 10th-11th at the Department of Design of the Politecnico di Milano, the 11th edition of the Conferenza del [...]
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28/07 2015

Light Design

“Light Design in the show Theatre” ROMA 25 – 28 Agosto 2015 TEATRO STUDIO ELEONORA DUSE via Vittoria, 6 “Light Design in the show Theatre” Intensive workshop organized by the International Academy of LIGHT in collaboration with Accademia Nazionale d’Arte Drammatica Silvio d’AMICO ETC SrL Goals of the Workshop: Participants have to acquire [...]
11/07 2015

Luceonline meets Alberto Angela, MarTa.

- What led you you here?,What led you in Taranto? - This is an episode of Ulysses about Puglia, so Taranto was a place to see, Taranto has an ancient history and a succession of cultures and even civilizations. This sequence of cultures and civilizations interpenetrate each other, each of them has given something to [...]
19/06 2015

New lighting for the Imperial Forums

New lighting for the Imperial Forums ERCO LEDs illuminate the remarkable history of the Roman Empire A permanent installation of artistic illumination will use lighting to narrate the history of the Forums and Emperors. Lighting concept: Prof. Vittorio Storaro – Architect Francesca Storaro Lighting design: Architect Francesca Storaro The nocturnal atmosphere at the Imperial Forums [...]
6/06 2015

Light is on stage: Illuminotronica 2015

ILLUMINOTRONICA 2015: Light is on stage in Padua from 8th to 10th October In human beings, sight is the most important sense. Responsible for the reception of visual stirrings, it allows people to recognize shapes, lights and colours, and is at the base of the 80% of what we learn and know every day. The [...]
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29/05 2015

Master Strategic Design

STRATEGIC DESIGN THE APPROACH AND CONTENTS OF THE HISTORICAL MASTER OF POLITECNICO DI MILANO AND SELECTIONS TO THE 2015 EDITION ARE OPEN Enroll for classes starting in October to understand and address design as a strategic factor of innovation and competitiveness for businesses Returning in October the Master in Strategic Design (MDS), one of [...]
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5/05 2015

Michelangelo’s David

On 27th February there was a meeting, sponsored by YIL, involving light and new technologies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples. It was showed at people a research born started in the contest of the course of “Digital applications for visual art” coordinated and curated by the professor Donato Maniello ( Studio). The [...]