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26/10 2014

Light Art in Italy – Sixth issue of the serie

Temporary Installations 2013 by Gisella Gellini Sixth issue of the series, coming with a DVD, it gathers temporary works of art made with light in Italy, including essays of arts and Light Art experts Sixth book of the series, Light Art in Italy – Temporary Installations 2013, realised with the journalist Clara Lovisetti, is dedicated [...]
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1/10 2014

New floating luminous creations

An eclectic artist, Laurent Fort, that our editorial staff has already known, and now wants to describe its evolution, presented also to the Governors Island Art Fair, through three of his new creations: Louminous Alchemy rotating “Louminous Alchemy rotating” is an artistic gesture that gives the object a strong scenic value beyond a simply spectacular [...]
12/09 2014

the rich agenda and unmissable initiatives, Illuminotronica

the rich agenda and unmissable initiatives Illuminotronica (Padua, October 9-11) represents a privileged stage in the lighting and home & building automation market, addressing those who design, manufacture, sell and buy in the Solid State Lighting and smart solutions world. The event is addressed to the electronics and lighting supply chain (manufacturers, distributors, technicians, system [...]
2/08 2014

Codega 2014: the International Lighting Design Prize

CODEGA 2014: the International Lighting Design Prize The Codega Prize is an award dedicated to the excellences of Lighting Designers and Professionals in LED lighting and is assigned to the best Lighting Design SSL solutions – Solid State Lighting – . Those who receive the award have distinguished themselves by creating innovative projects while also [...]
25/06 2014

Where Gardens meet light

The garden is a place where man and nature can meet; it’s an encounter that promotes creativity because man belongs to nature. The impetuous rise of technology has inevitably led to a deep rift between man and nature. Reconciliation is however necessary for our wellbeing. This yearning springs from our innate Biophilia (love of life), [...]
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12/02 2014

Light painting in the Museum

LIGHT–PAINTING IN THE MUSEUM The Museum of the AccademiaLigustica of Fine Arts (Genova – Italy) adheres to M’ILLUMINO DI MENO, the biggest celebration of the Energy Saving, launched by Caterpillar – Radio2 through an event of Light Painting that involves Students of the lighting course by Liliana Iadelucaof the AccademiaLigustica. The Directorate of the Museum [...]
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10/01 2014

Corporeality of light – until january 29

CORPOREALITY OF THE LIGHT by CARLO BERNARDINI Claudia Bottini The light installation by Carlo Bernardini Corporeality of the light inaugurated on December 8, 2013 in Perugia, Via dei Priori, will be visible until January 29, 2014. The triangular and rhomboidal shapes of the Bernardini’s optical fiber, installed in many cities and museums around the world, [...]