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7/08 2015

XI Conferenza del Colore and workshop Optical spectroscopy for food applications

XI Conferenza del Colore and workshop Optical spectroscopy for food applications: a photonic tasting September 9th -10th-11th, 2015 – Department of Design, Politecnico di Milano Campus Bovisa – Via Durando 10 – 20158 Milan (Italy) On September 10th-11th at the Department of Design of the Politecnico di Milano, the 11th edition of the Conferenza del [...]
6/06 2015

Light is on stage: Illuminotronica 2015

ILLUMINOTRONICA 2015: Light is on stage in Padua from 8th to 10th October In human beings, sight is the most important sense. Responsible for the reception of visual stirrings, it allows people to recognize shapes, lights and colours, and is at the base of the 80% of what we learn and know every day. The [...]
21/05 2015

Within light / inside glass

Light, glass and their interaction from an artistic and scientific point of view are the theme of the exhibition conceived and promoted by Vicarte, the research unit “Glass and Ceramics for the Arts” based in the campus of the Faculty of Sciences and Technology of the Universidade Nova de Lisboa. The event has been organized [...]
4/07 2014

Laboratorio LINFA, a team of upcycling designers

Do you think that ‘upcycle’ is just a fancy word for ‘recycle’? Gian Marco Vitti of Italy’s Laboratorio LINFA, a team of upcycling designers, would beg to differ with you. And he knows what he’s talking about. Along with Luigi Cuppone, Raul Sciurpa and Federico Fiordigiglio, Gian Marco co-designed a collection of furniture made from [...]
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18/01 2014

Accessible Light

The great enterprise of Architettura STUDIOINMOVIMENTO (architectural firm of Arch. Consuelo Agnesi, Arch. Maria Grazia Bianchini e I.D. Rachela Refi) is called “Accessible Light” designed in partnership with the company OnDemand Group Srl. Consuelo Agnesi lives these inconveniences in her own (person). she is a deaf architect so she resolved to catch this enterprise so [...]
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17/09 2013

The Codega award lights Venice up

THE CODEGA AWARD LIGHTS VENICE UP Venice becomes the exclusive theather of the Codega Award, the recognition dedicated to the best LED Lighting Design installations The historic and majestic Arsenale of Venice will host the first edition of the Codega Award, assigned to the best solutions in LED Lighting Design realized during this year in [...]
23/08 2013

(Italiano) Nuovi articoli, nuove interessanti sinergie ci attendono

New publications, new collaborations and synergies in the future have a nice august