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3/11 2016

The importance of the lighting designer: Francesca Smiraglia’s project

The importance of the lighting designer support and a good lighting planning to improve spaces we live according to the functional and the emotional aspect in terms of quality and quantity.

New light for a small flat: the work of the lighting designer Francesca Smiraglia to fill the gap of natural light.

“The home to everyone is to him his castle and fortress…”

This was the ideal of Edward Coke and the lighting designer Francesca Smiraglia follow this idea to succeed, with her work, to create environments where light improve on spaces and making these comfortable, to suit the needs of her customers and in this case a young couple.

We know that the creation of your own home, especially for Italian culture, is certainly one of the most important life steps for every person. The house is for humans the place of personal identity, relationships and refuge. The planning of the domestic spaces is often subjective and personal: many people believe that their home is the place to live over time and continuously and at the technical, functional and aesthetic issues become instruments and needs to define the place “to be.”

This is the case of a midsize apartment for a young couple, a three-room apartment that has been renovated according to their needs, ideas and tastes where the most problematic aspect was the low natural illumination.

Francesca Smiraglia has concentrated for the living and kitchen areas the lighting planning: to make up for the lack of natural light, the artificial light is designed to be dynamic thanks to different performance and illumination levels according to the needs and functions that the space takes on during the day and using the latest generation of LED light sources and lighting fixtures.

The initial concept of the project was based on two types of lighting performaces, one diffused and homogeneous and the other one direct and focused both “molded” within coves, or “lighting blades”.

On these conditions, geometric cuts have been made into the ceiling with similar shape and composition of the furnishings chosen by the clients.

To achieve diffused light, for some cuts have been used flexible LED Stripes houses within peripheral edges. LED light sources have been facing up: in this way the coves are well lit and gets for reflection a diffused and homogeneous light. The direct and concentrated light was included in other coves to mark and define the areas dedicated to specific functions, such as the entrance, the table of the living area and the breakfast area. Inside these cuts have been recessed rearward spots to avoid intercept the spots and then hide the light source.

For the dining table was created a custom suspended chandelier with linear profiles.

All switching are controlled by a smart automation system.

The support of the lighting designer, with the good lighting design is useful and essential in order to improve the spaces of daily life following functional terms and emotional aspect of quality and quantity.

With a low budget it was created by lighting designer Francesca Smiraglia a good lighting solution and home automation, close needs of, in this case, a young clients to make their own home, their own place in the world, comfortable and special.



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