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23/01 2018

Light Design in the show MUSICAL

Intensive workshop organized by the International Academy of LIGHT in collaboration with, DTS Lighting goals of the Workshop: Participants have to acquire skills for the construction of lighting systems, considering design installation and operation on stage during performances.
The program wants to prepare a figure that translates the instructions of the director in lighting effects for the scene.

Light culture in the artistical experience
Stage space
Show Contacts with director / choreographer / designer / lightdesign
Analysis of design sketches – the text
real /virtual scenography – projections / videoprojections – materials Lighting
design Criteria of choice of light sources
Backcloth lighting
Types of lights
Searchlights Position
Technology – Strategies of staging
Light-plane plan
The electrical system – Dimmers – Electrical and Control connections
Safety – suspended burdens Editing – focusing – Management Trials -
Show Management
Video, power point

There will be technical instruments, didactic material and book “Illuminotecnica teatrale”

The Workshop will be activated with a minimum of 10 participants.
Workshop of 16 hours
At the end of the course a didactic certificate of participation will be released
Moreover during the course there will be the distribution of didactic material.

Info: +39 368-954781



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