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2/08 2011 10th Anniversary – a new light for the vortal

The cultural portal, is celebrating the tenth anniversary of its web presence, with many changes both  in graphics and content, with new issues. The bilingual website was dedicated to the light culture, now it speaks about also new technologies. This interest derives from the strong relationship between lighting and home automation but also by the possibility of psychological well-being given by the new technologies.

Thanks to the use of products, systems, features and automation services, new technologies promote personalized solutions for various forms of disability, for all the people who came in later and for those involved in their care.

Home automation and lighting engineering become in this way fields of development of the innovative and creative ideas of designers and producers.

The cultural portal continues proposing educational writings, explaining projects, providing information about innovations and training courses for producers and professional men, so creating market trends as well as a better awareness about products and initiatives. Every week through the site pages you can read news from the market ,the art world, companies, universities.

The change of the portal, not only for what concerns its graphical and functional layout, allows users to collaborate with the editorial staff suggesting topics for articles and news.
there is also Youtube channel in order to publish videos about the different cultural categories.

The new layout allows also a greater usability of the content, highlighting the significant articles, there is also a search engine, articles archives, tag cloud, and others options.

Another novelty is represented by the national and international reportages, a new section full of pictures and information, such as for example  those about New York and Lisbon.

Now let the numbers speak, we thank all our users, thanks to the 1400 users of the different professional fields and firms, that read our news every, thanks to the nearly 900 Facebook contacts and those who follow us on Twitter.

The journey of Luceonline will continue towards new horizons thanks to this contacts and to all the new future contacts, always aiming to spread knowledge, the quality of made in Italy, increasing the capacity of thought and reflection about the main themes of lighting and new technologies.



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