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5/04 2011

Luceonline 10th anniversary

Luceonline anniversary

Interview with Maria Teresa D’Amato

the 3rd on april 2011 Luceonline has just turned 10 years old.
10 years of information and news about the light world, becoming a cultural reference for all those interested in the light universe.

1. What has changed since 2001? has increased its collaborations and contents, with a greater quantity and quality of articles weekly published, widening also the field of competence, thanks the to collaborations not only in the light world, but also referring to the world of new technologies.

2. How come this interest in the world of new technologies?
The new technologies are able to offer many opportunities in relation to the lighting systems and to the psychophysical well-being, topic that has always interested Luceonline. Moreover the modern lighting systems have the task also to value, protect, communicate, but also to move and furnish.
Therefore building automation and lighting engineering are complex and articulated and represent contexts where the innovative and creative abilities of the planners can find wide realization.

3. Which have been the most meaningful collaborations?
There have been many Italian but also international collaborations in these 10 years both with professional men recognized world-wide and with young artists and lighting designers. I would like to remember the collaboration with Maurizio Gianandrea, a collaboration still concrete and worthwhile, the interviews and articles about the projects of masters such as Vittorio Storaro and Renzo Piano and many others. Many collaborations will continue and many others will born.

4. Since 2011 it is possible to find Luceonline on some of the more important social network as Facebook and Twitter and is one of the founders of the “Lighting Network”, with the Academy of Light. Why these choices in this moment?

Luceonline has tried to diversify its communicative ability. On the occasion of its 10th anniversary Luceonline has decided to create a more direct relationship with its users, a greater synergy with other realities of this field, there is no better occasion to widespread the culture of light and of new technologies.

5. What does Luceonline propose for the next 10 years and for yourself?
Luceonline is a virtual reality with which I have grown up in all these years and with which the run will continue, with new objectives and toward new horizons.
With the objective of spreading the light culture and the made in Italy, will evolve from a graphical point of view and from a functional point of view, thanks to the birth of a portal, that will be soon on line.

Dott.ssa Elena De Filippis
Editorial staff



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