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11/10 2008

Master of Lighting Engineering for outdoor

EnergyDays: (CS) 16-18 October 2008

Objectives: To plan the lighting systems for outdoor in the respect of law and of the UNI norms. To deepen the techniques of planning regarding emergency, light pollution, telecontrol and energy saving. To plan with the technical attendance of a software.

Thursday the 16th of October
9.20-13.20 Eng Francesco Lupinacci – CieloBuio Light pollution
14.30-18.30 Per. Ind. Luciano Mecca – lighting engineering designer – Luminous sources

Friday the 17th on October
9.20-13.20 Eng. Diego Bonata – Lighting engineering designer – The street planning
14.30-18.30 Thomas Weissemberg – Lighting engineering designer – The architectonic lighting for outdoor

Saturday October the 18th
9.20-13.20 Per. Ind. Luciano Mecca – lighting engineering planner – Problems and lighting engineering planning of the electrical wirings.
Per. Ind. Vincenzo Ferraro – Dr. Emilio Ferraro The regulating systems of the flux technology

Final acknowledgment (with frequency obligation):
- Certificate of participation
- Accreditation in lists of professional men for what concerns lighting engineering (only after passing the final exam and for freelance of orders and colleges) – 1 formative Credit for every hour of course (for the enrolled one to the college of the industrial experts). For the participants: – lecture notes of the course on personalized Usb – Buffetti folder – software of lighting engineering optimization STS – Easy Light



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