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7/12 2010



Greenbuilding, the international exhibition and conference on energy efficiency and sustainable architecture, will open its doors for a 5th edition in 2011.
As an event that has seen constant growth and increasingly widespread respect among industry players both nationally and internationally, Greenbuilding has established its position in Italy as the ideal showcase to promote technologies and products for a low-carbon building industry.
Greenbuilding will be held at Verona exhibition centre, Italy, on 4-6 May 2011.

Greenbuilding’s 5th edition will feature:
• energy efficiency in the building envelope & sustainable architecture
• energy efficiency in building plants
• sustainable water cycle in buildings
• greening the built environment
• design, audit & consulting, energy retrofit, certification, ESCO, R&D
• professional software, technical press
• institutions and sector associations

Illuminazioni will be a special event as part of Greenbuilding 2011: an innovative showroom concept dedicated to excellence in construction. This third edition of Illuminazioni will focus on the topic of energy retrofitting historical buildings.

Greenbuilding’s conference agenda offers the chance to get up to date on technical and scientific knowledge and establishes a connection between policy, the market and operators.
In this context, Greenbuilding presents its top conferences, featuring major names and top experts in designing ultra-modern buildings and low-carbon urban districts. NEXT CITY and NEXT BUILDING are two international conferences dedicated to sustainable architecture.

Greenbuilding will be held in conjunction with 12th edition of Solarexpo, the international exhibition and conference on renewable energy and distributed generation. These two events come together within a single strategic vision of offering the most complete overview of products, technologies and solutions from the field of renewables and sustainable architecture.

SOLARCH – building solar design & technologies – is back for Greenbuilding and Solarexpo 2011. This themed area will showcase the most innovative technologies and the best international projects in solar design and complete building integration of photovoltaics and solar thermal. In other words, SOLARCH will be the highest expression of the unison between solar technology and contemporary architectonic language.

Greenbuilding and Solarexpo are Italy’s leading event dedicated to renewable energy sources and sustainable architecture. The 2010 edition saw 1,268 direct exhibitors and brands represented, 485 foreign exhibitors and brands represented (38% of total), 43 foreign countries represented, 105,000 square meters of total exhibition area, 10 exhibition halls, 69,500 certified professional visitors and 230 registered journalists. Plus 54 conferences, workshops, courses and seminars with 415 national and international speakers and 5,320 registered attendees. 390,000 Google™ results.



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