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25/10 2008


There are interesting new projects for the second edition of KEY ENERGY International Expo on Energy and Sustainable Mobility, Climate and Resources for New Development, which will be held at Rimini Fiera from November 5th to 8th 2008, simultaneously with ECOMONDO.

At the centre of attention at the expo, the issues connected photovoltaic and solar thermal energy, in line with the market development trends featured in Italy. The KEY ENERGY Scientific Committee is working on an ample program of workshops and conferences.

Over 8 MW of photovoltaic power are being installed per month i n Italy. According to the figures of the GSE (Gestore dei Servizi Elettrici), there are over 10,700 photovoltaic systems in Italy with the “Conto Energia” (Energy Account) feed-in incentive system, for an overall power of 113 MW. More in detail, there are 74.8 MW (4,446 systems) with old Conto Energia incentives and 38.2 MW (6,259 systems) with the new Conto Energia. From the beginning of the year, a weekly average of 175 systems with a power of approximately 1.9 MW have been installed and connected to the grid.
In 2007, photovoltaic power installed with incentives averaged 120 systems a week with a power of 1.3 MW. The leading Italian region as far as power installed is concerned is Lombardy, with approximately 14 MW (1,817 systems), 12.5% of the national total. There are also very good results in Trentino Alto Adige (10.5 MW), Emilia Romagna (10.1 MW), Tuscany (7.8 MW), Piedmont (7.5 MW) and Veneto (6.6 MW).
Apulia has excellent figures, with 11.7 MW connected to the grid.
KEY ENERGY will host all the renewable energy source chains, from solar to biomass, wind to hydroelectric, via geothermal.

In particular, once again this year, there will be the “Energyae” project, realized in collaboration with Agroenergia, the sector’s key association, which aims at promoting innovative solutions that enable farms to work making conscious rational use of energy. The project’s key players are all the leading European companies producing electric and thermal energy from vegetable and tree biomass. Particular attention is dedicated to biogas technology and massification and the best solutions for use of photovoltaic panels on farms. For the first time, a cross-section of an efficient/sustainable farm will be built at the expo by Agroenergia.

From agri-energy to hydrogen. This year, KEY ENERGY will once again host the “Hydrogen chain” exhibition. Localized production of the energy vector and generation by means of the exploitation of renewable sources will be the issues featured in the expo area, with in-depth coverage connected with not only application on vehicles, but also stationary use for the production of energy in an efficient manner.

KEY ENERGY will also host an expo area on cogeneration, organized in collaboration with COGENA, member association of the Ascomac National Federation, key body for manufacturers of machinery for cogeneration. This will be an opportunity for updating on the sector’s main innovations, also be means of a specific program of conferences.

There just had to be energy efficiency at KEY ENERGY. In collaboration with Verona’s Studio di Bioedilizia and ANAB, exhibition areas dedicated to the topic will be set up and will form the setting for an important conference on energy efficiency in the building industry, an opportunity for networking between local authorities, companies manufacturing technologies and the professionals who influence the companies’ choices. Particular attention will be focussed on Certification, which in 2008 underwent an explosion at normative level, and on the involvement of users, such as local authorities, installers, certifiers and families.

Precisely in line with this issue, there is also the “Sustainable Towns 2008" project, which will present some of the most important projects of the international scenario dedicated to sustainable development, from the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco, designed by Renzo Piano, through the Masdar Initiative in Abu Dhab by architect Norman Foster, to the national case of the Centre of Professions and University Centre – Red Kilometre in Bergamo, designed by architect Jean Nouvel. This year, the “Sustainable Towns” initiative will feature two exhibitions located in two different halls of the expo. One will be dedicated to architecture and urban upgrading and the other to plants/systems and the use of renewable energies.

Lastly, as usual, the program dedicated to sustainable mobility/transport, with events in the local area, seminars and in-depth coverage of the difficult question of mobility management in Italy and the issue of ecological vehicles, bearing in mind the agitated regulation situation and new regional political plans

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