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10/01 2011



International Tradeshow for Energy-Efficient and Sustainable Construction

Bolzano, January 27-30, 2011

Klimahouse, Italy’s Top Address for Energy Efficient Construction

A full forty percent of energy consumption is due to the sector of buildings, and the competition for energy reserves is getting stiffer. The “Klimahouse” tradeshow in Bolzano is among the leading gatherings in all of Europe for energy-efficient and sustainable construction. From January 27 to 30, 2011, over four hundred companies will present innovative technologies and materials for saving energy in the building sector, while in the Specialized Conference and the guided tours of ClimateHouses, integrated approaches to solutions and applied energy conservation concepts will be presented.

With regards to energy policy, the European Union has three equally important goals: the protection of competitiveness, security of supply, and environmental protection. The commission has proposed an action plan for energy efficiency, an ambitious program with which the percentage of biofuels and other substitute fuels, including hydrogen, is to be increased through the year 2020 to 20% of the total fuel consumption. By December 31, 2020, all new constructions must be energy-efficient buildings, and starting on December 31, 2018, all new constructions for public institutions must comply with prescribed energy standards. Since circumstances vary greatly from member state to member state, national construction regulations have to be drawn up for energy-saving measures in buildings. With the EU Energy Performance of Buildings Directive 2002/91/EC, the EU is requiring all member states to, among other things, introduce energy ratings for buildings. With the ClimateHouse concept that was first inaugurated in 2002, South Tyrol has taken on the role of the forerunner in this area within Italy. With more than 80% of visitors coming from outside of the province, predominantly from Northern and Central Italy, the “Klimahouse” tradeshow in Bolzano is the number one information platform in Italy for architects, engineers, designers, construction companies, construction materials dealers, installation companies, and public institutions.

For the choice of the energy of the future and the sustainable development in the building sector, research and development activity takes on a key position. For this reason, with the realization of the accompanying events, the Bolzano/Bozen Exhibition Center is supported by competent partners such as the KlimaHaus Agentur Bozen [the Bolzano ClimateHouse Agency], the Department of Environment, Environmental Planning, and Energy of the Autonomous Province of Bolzano, the Institute for Renewable Energy of the EURAC, and the Energy & Environment Area of the TIS Innovation Park. With their work, these partners are making a contribution in striving to noticeably reduce the EU’s energy requirements and CO2 emissions in this area.



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