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29/07 2012

Luceonline and the Zero Impact Web project.

Luceonline has adhered to the Zero Impact Web project.

The project wants to reduce and offset carbon dioxide emissions that derive from the internet use.
the planet’s temperature: the greenhouse effect.
The Internet has already done a lot to reduce CO2 emissions: it connects us to the world, saves us time, energy and resources. But, however useful it may be, the Web also consumes energy.

According to a Greenpeace report from March 2010 analysing “cloud computing” – the cloud of information technologies available online – at the current rate of growth data centres and telecommunications networks will consume some 2,000 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity in 2020, more than three times their current consumption levels.

The Web has allowed us to make our lifestyle more sustainable by reducing distances and shortening time. Yet the web consumes energy, so it produces carbon dioxide.
So Luceonline wants to reduce the environmental impact of contributing to the creation and the protection of growing forests.



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