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15/11 2011

A pedal-operated stage

A pedal-operated stage

Concert pedal, the Tetes de Bois, with the project ‘recycling’, a stage totally ecologically sustainable, not even one watt of electricity. For feed the instruments, amplifiers, lights and video are the legs and the sweat of 128 cyclists in the square.
A musical concert on Pedal stage powered by renewable energy produced by bicycles of Roman group Tetes de Bois

Tetes de Bois are an unusual band, their sound is a sound of the world. Their favourite instrument, besides guitars, bass, drums, trumpet and keyboards, is a bicycle. To Andrea Satta’s (their lead singer) bicycle, they have also dedicated a book (by the way, Andrea is a connoisseur, having reported for Il Manifesto from 2008-09 Tours de France…). But why stopping at traditional performances? Why limiting their art to the usual relationship between a band and its audience, when the audience can play a fundamental role for the show to happen? TDB’s specialty is music, so they got some help from an engineer, an old craftsman, a movie director and a show-biz entrepreneur. They worked on the project for a few years and now “Un palco a pedali – A pedal-operated stage” has been realized: 128 bikes replace normal stalls. 128 volunteers create the energy necessary to operate the stage through the strength of their push.

The message is very easy: come to our concert with your bike, put it on the rollers and just pedal. People produce the energy we need to light the stage and make it sound. First time in the world. Unbelievable, but they did it (first concert last Sept 15th in Bari): not bad for a group of wood heads.

Têtes de Bois:
Andrea Satta
Carlo Amato
Angelo Pelin
Luca De Carlo
Maurizio Pizzardi,
Lorenzo Gentile



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