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8/11 2011

Solar bottle bulbs at no cost

Manila Mayor Alfredo Lim painted a bright green future for families living in one of the informal settlements in the city during the launching of community-based solar lighting project that benefited at least 120 make-shift homes.

Lim chose the Baseco area in the fifth district of Manila as the pilot area for the project where 120 households were provided with solar bottle bulbs.
Lim explained that under the project, each home will enjoy solar-generated electricity at no cost to the occupant.

With this in place, the residents can now do away with using candles or kerosene lamps which only poses danger and the possibility of causing fire.
The use of solar bulbs will prevent the occurrence of accidents brought about by pilferage of electric power.

Under the system, each home will be installed with a solar bulb made from a two-liter plastic bottle filled with a solution of water, salt and chlorine that gather and amplify sunlight.

The bottle will act as lens and provide a tremendous amount of interior light equivalent to 55 watts during daytime, so that there is no more need to use electricity, a natural sunlight to replace a basic light bulb that often is even used all day in homes that don’t have a window to access available light.
By simply putting an empty soft drink bottle in a small patch of aluminum roofing and filling it up with water and a few drops of household bleach, the new “bulb” can now light up a dark room during daytime for free. And it can even be brighter than a real light bulb.

Illac Diaz, of the no-profit organization My Shelter Foundation , that created the project Isang Litrong Liwanag (un litro di luce), hopes that a project that came from an invention made at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), by Amy Smith, in the US can inspire others to think of inexpensive ways to utilize green technology.



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