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15/09 2015

images from a lighting workshop

The course had a specific address about the practical part for what concerns lights in theater, assembly, positioning of the lighting devices and also the theoretical part related to the use of color in the theater stage and intensity lighting.

A brief introduction concerning to the use of color in the sets and then wider space has been given to the positioning of the floodlights, the American stage lighting, and then systems and ways to change the position of the floodlights according to what has to be lightened.
Another argument has been that of the new techniques based on video mapping, with reference to complex surfaces.

So many topics during these days, the ability to define spaces with shapers, thanks also to the explanation of Bob Wilson’s examples but also the planimetric study of the stage for the correct positioning of the floodlights.
It has been interesting also the laboratory, the work for the reproduction of a subject illuminated from several points, the realization of Gobos and the specific use of shapers.
A very interesting experience from a professional but also personal, human point of view.



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