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2/08 2011

Accademia della Luce – – Cinema Teatro dell’Opera – Workshop

To manage the light in the live events and theatres is a creative process where it is necessary to catalyze different disciplines, experiences and feelings.
Every new show needs a new approach to light.
There are few common elements in every experience.
Every show has a creative individual run about light. Each experience is so unique.
The workshop aims to consider different experiences and their technical and creative path through the analysis of the instruments used, methods, together with the artistic and emotional choices.
Techniques and new technology trends and analysis of skills for the future.
The program:
Introduction and development of issues about
Light design for the show, in particular theater and live shows.
Fundamentals of Lighting:
What is light and how it is perceived by the human visual system.
Photometric quantities and characteristics of light sources.
History of light in the Show.
Use of white and coloured light, psychology, symbolism, language of “light painting”.
Lighting design of a play, analysis of the mise-en-scene (materials, costumes and sets), devices, positions and
creation of the project.
The market of the  live show in Italy,
building and management of a Live show production
synergies (lights, stage, set design, audio and video)
integration with the musical repertoire, technical choices.
New technologies and control systems, “smart lights” and materials for the show.
LIVE Light!
300 € * without VAT
* Including:
Book “Theatrical Lighting” by Salvatore Mancinelli
Teaching Material
Certificate of participation
Possible agreements for board and lodging with the guest quarters of the Theatre.

Info e programma: info mtdam-413



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