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19/07 2008

Architects of Air

"…a sanctuary of the senses in the middle of Valencia. Luminarium Levity II proved to be an unprecedented success with both media and the public (12,000 visitors).

(…)come in, wander, lay down, float and dream."

Amococo photos: Alan Fletcher, Annette Unser &

Architects of Air July 2008 Newsletter
…enter and be amazed!

Architects of Air build and tour luminaria. A luminarium is a monumental installation people enter to be immersed in the beauty of colour and light. Since 1992 we have visited 38 countries and nearly two million visitors have enjoyed the luminarium experience.

Architects of Air is now proud to announce the launch of its latest luminarium – Amococo – whose design is based on the floor plan generated by the unique ‘triaxial’ dome. This 3-sided dome, inspired by the modular units of the Iranian bazaar, creates the ever-turning paths that allow the visitors to lose themselves.

A new departure in Amococo is the use of reinforced materials to give higher definition to the forms of the principal domes. The common visual motif of the domes is the ‘oculus’ – a high level ovoid window that gently diffuses indirect coloured light.

Amococo is an engineering triumph – it achieves the feat of increasing the journey inside while reducing the size of its overall footprint on the ground. In this way more city squares become accessible to a luminarium.

Amococo is the most modular of all our current touring structures and is able to adapt to most sites. Increased emphasis on anchorage means it is ultra-safe in all configurations. Amococo’s design responds to the demands of our increased touring in hotter countries allowing better installation of air-conditioning and the venting of hot air.

Amococo has already proved to be a great success with the public and media at its première last month in Gex France followed by its appearance at Nottingham International Children’s Festival where attendance exceeded 1,000 visitors per day.

Architects of Air aims to bring a visual surprise and excitement into the everyday environment and to create structures where people can be moved to a sense of wonder. We build and work to develop an architecture that will not only frame the experience of light but that will also function as a safe building. On tour the luminaria always travel with their trained Exhibition Managers who work to the safety parameters established by independent professional engineers. And so, in 16 years of touring, we have maintained a 100% accident-free record at 370 exhibitions.

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